Tea Enterprise News List
  • The epidemic is full of unknown reasons why the head of Lu Zhenghao said "the hardest time has passed"

    Inheritance is something she has been thinking about since she joined the industry. "If Longjing Tea is to be good, it must be formal, branded, and developed."
  • Epidemic prevention and control is ahead, and some Liubao tea companies resume work

    On February 13, the Wuzhou Tea Industry Development Service Center implemented the relevant documents and notification spirit of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, and went to relevant enterprises to learn about the resumption of work and production, prevention and control of the epidemic situation.
  • How to turn danger into opportunity in an epidemic? Six measures for the Bama tea industry

    The epidemic of the new crown pneumonia has caused many tea companies to face a crisis of survival. However, during this extraordinary period, some companies have risen against the current and bravely shouldered social responsibilities. Constant vitality!
  • Two tea companies in Fenggang, Guizhou Province

    It is understood that since the outbreak, the two tea companies have also actively organized the company's employees to donate more than 20,000 yuan, and the United Front Work Department of the Fenggang County Party Committee will be deployed for the prevention and control of the outbreak in Fenggang County.
  • Ensure early spring tea production 5 tea production lines of Sichuan Tea Group have all been restored

    On February 12, the reporter learned from Sichuan Tea Industry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chuancha Group") that starting from today, the group has begun to resume work. The five tea production lines in the group have all resumed production to ensure that Production of early spring tea.
  • Kunming's two major tea culture cities reduce ten million rents

    The reporter learned from Kunming Xiongda Tea Culture City on the 12th that the tea city will waive the shop rent for one month for all merchants in the tea city. Tea City is rent-free for merchants.
  • "Upward" frozen top oolong

    In order to improve the quality of tea, the tea area of Lugu Township, Nantou County, the birthplace of Taiwan's frozen top oolong tea, has been gradually transferred to higher tea fields in neighboring towns. At present, most of the tea areas are above 1,000 meters above sea level. According to local farmers, as the altitude increases ...
  • Haiken's 5 major tea bases have received 100 million orders for early spring tea on the first day

    On the 12th, Haiken Tea Group took the opportunity to launch the first batch of new spring tea products this year, and took advantage of the platform of the "Winter Fair" in 2019 to actively promote the "Haken" tea brand to merchants and tourists.
  • The lord of the king, the first high-end new product of the blue-eyed orchids, the old class chapter of Yibang Manor is grandly launched

    Recently, the high-end 2018, 2019 old class Zhangtou Chungushu tea, produced by Xishuangbanna Yibang Manor Tea Co., Ltd., has been released and supervised.
  • Yan language partner conference: Chinese tea companies' brand exploration and value construction

    On November 23, 2019, the Yan language partner conference was successfully held in Yan language tasting center.
  • Colorful Peacock Awarded at the China National Astronomy Press Conference 2019

    After the strict selection of this year's East Expo, Yunnan Ouhai Colorful Peacock Pu'er "Guobin Gift Tea" has been selected as a guest gift with high quality products. unique charm……
  • County Mayor Huang Xurong investigates Xinchang tea industry

    On August 28, the deputy secretary of Xinchang County Party Committee and county head Huang Xurong led the heads of the county government office, agriculture and rural bureau, commerce bureau, market supervision bureau and other departments to go deep into tea companies to investigate the development of tea industry.
  • Sacred Valley won the "Golden Medal" at the 2019 World Green Tea Competition

    Sacred Valley Mountain Dongyi Ruicao won the highest prize in the world! It can be called the "Oscar" of the green tea session and ranks third in the world in total scores. This is another world-class award following the "China Famous Tea Golden Camel Award for 100 Years of Expo".
  • Ichikawa Tea Federation organizes poverty alleviation and revitalizes cast engine

    Without the guidance of a special party branch, it would be difficult to imagine that Yanshan could be transformed from a poor mountain village that used to grow food to become a golden mountain and a silver garden with tea gardens.
  • Overview of Poverty Alleviation of Oolong Tea Industry in Tengchong

    Tengchong has a good ecological environment and zero pollution. Here, every leaf can be eaten raw. Jibian Oolong Tea is Tengchong's authentic black tea, and it is also a representative business card of Tengchong's food culture.
  • 80th Anniversary of Hunan Baishaxi Tea Factory Co., Ltd.

    2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and the 80th anniversary of the establishment of Hunan Baishaxi Tea Factory Co., Ltd. Seventy years of thunderstorms, from standing up, getting rich to becoming strong, China has led the Chinese giant ship to chop waves and move forward in dreams .....
  • Made for Love · Wish to Love Forever, Yanyu Tea Industry and Tea Mountain Association Help Special Education and Promote Chinese Tea Culture

    On June 8, 2019, the launching ceremony of the "Love Candle" campaign under the theme of "made for love, wishing to last forever" hosted by the Yanyu Love Fund was held at the Yanyu Tea House and Tasting Center in Guangzhou. Tea Enterprises' Support to Chashan Special Education.
  • Interview with industry coffee | Tea Lale Wu Jiankun: Differences between Shanghai and Taipei in the tea industry

    The "Telailai" brand from Lipin Dahua Catering Management Wuxi Co., Ltd. has broken the monopoly of the "Telailai" brand of coffee and cola on the ready-to-drink market. In recent years, the takeaway tea industry has maintained a strong momentum of development, forming a "hundred schools of contention ...
  • The Fifth Colorful Peacock 520 National Tea Day / Interpretation of the Legend of Love and Beauty and the 2019 "National Ceremony 1950" [Kirin] Tasting Ends Perfectly

    On May 20, 2019, Colorful Peacock, along with 520 tea houses and tea houses across the country, co-organized the "Fifth Colorful Peacock 520 National Tea Day to Perform Love and Beauty Legends and 2019" National Gift 1950 "[Kirin] Tasting Session "At the main venue of the southern tea market, it ended perfectly.