Tea Market Analysis List
  • The Great Epidemic of the 2020 Tea World War: Where are the teahouses and tea homestays under the epidemic?

    At present, China's economy is completely damaged, and everyone in the tea industry is at risk. Now most tea companies have resumed work, but tea houses, tea homestays, etc. are still difficult to settle.
  • How did the tea industry do in the first half of 2020?

    When the industry was better off, the tea industry focused more on traditional channels. However, traditional channels may be affected this year! The best way to deal with this change is to discover new channels.
  • What will happen to Xinyang Maojian Spring Tea in 2020?

    What will happen to Xinyang Maojian Spring Tea in 2020? Personal feelings based on his observations and findings are for reference only;
  • Promotion and inheritance of tea culture in the construction of tea garden complex

    The development of the tea garden complex will provide a base support for the exploration, protection and organization of tea culture. The specific measures proposed will be conducive to the promotion and inheritance of tea culture.
  • The tea market is changing rapidly, and tea makers can meet new challenges only if they update their sales ideas

    A new year begins. In the past few years, many tea merchants have shouted that they have not made any money in the past. In this case, many people are complaining about the bad environment. In fact, in the tea market, there are many small tricks. Have you applied them?
  • Influence factors of new pneumonia epidemic situation on the listing of Xinyang Maojian spring tea in 2020

    This Spring Festival in 2020 is destined to become a memorable memory for many people! For the Xinyang tea industry, what kind of impact will it have? Presumably it is one of the issues that practitioners in the tea industry are thinking about.
  • China's beverage market in 2020, Starbucks to the left, who is to the right?

    The brief “closing of stores” of any consumer brand does not need to be interpreted too much. What is really worth mentioning is that we can re-examine the current chaotic beverage rivers and lakes in China during the window period of the epidemic.
  • After the epidemic, the advantages of standardized tea production will gradually manifest

    In the Spring Festival this year, the sudden outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia puts us at the test of months or even longer. First of all, I would like to pay tribute to the people fighting the epidemic, and thank you for your efforts. So how will the Chinese tea industry respond during the epidemic?
  • How will the coronavirus outbreak affect tea operations? With countermeasures recommended

    During the fight against the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, tea-related businesses should actively expand their online operations. Online transactions have been able to provide a better service experience for both supply and demand sides. During the strict prevention and control of new coronavirus outbreaks, there are three suggestions:
  • The epidemic is not over, and spring tea is still to be harvested. How should the tea industry respond?

    As the prevention and control alarm of the new crown virus pneumonia epidemic is unknown, even if the spring tea has not yet reached the time of large-scale picking, the severity of the limited production, supply and marketing of tea is still inestimable, and the tea industry has begun to respond from top to bottom. Special research and judgment in 2020.
  • Outlook for 2020 丨 Tea: head structure is stable, latecomers break through difficult

    For head players such as Hi Tea and Nayuki, how to stabilize their position in the fierce market competition and continue to find new additions has become the top priority for this year. Latecomers are trying to find a way out.
  • Epidemic prevention and control and spring tea production, please see these 10 questions and suggestions for countermeasures!

    Today's article talks about tea production during a new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. This article organizes 10 typical problems and makes some suggestions for countermeasures, for reference only!
  • Briefing on China's tea exports in 2019

    From January to December 2019, China's tea exports totaled 366,600 tons, a year-on-year increase of 0.18 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 0.50%; the cumulative export value was US $ 2.02 billion, an increase of US $ 242 million, and an increase of 13.60% year-on-year
  • From the development model of "new tea", what can tea companies gain?

    In just three years, the new tea industry has been recognized by young consumers. With so much capital, the market scale is close to the 100 billion mark. What inspiration can brand tea companies get from it?
  • In the face of the mass market, what is the correct opening posture for a young tea company brand?

    Nowadays, what young tea consumers want is a personalized brand that can communicate and interact with them. Brands must continue to create their own personalized labels. Our tea companies are also able to transform from branding of founders to benchmarking and dissemination of classic products. Means social ...
  • Summarizing the tea phenomenon in 2019, what should we do in 2020?

    Summarizing the tea phenomenon in 2019, what should we do in 2020? In the past 2019, the performance of the tea industry on data:
  • How does the traditional tea industry capture young consumers?

    As long as it adapts to changes in consumer needs and meets them, and strives to ensure quality, consumers of all ages are willing to understand and fall in love with tea, and thus become loyal consumers of tea.
  • Tangerine tea market sinking trend is obvious, Xinhui Chenpi heat continues to rise

    2019 has passed, and the pair of "twin stars" of Mandarin Orange Tea and Xinhui Chenpi have begun to exert their strength in different dimensions and different markets. In 2020, the trend of market segmentation, branding and standardization will become increasingly obvious ...
  • Still at a traditional tea shop? Some tea merchants have changed models, only innovation can go further

    Tea has become an intermediary to support the family, but tea merchants have to face the fact that the tea market has become saturated. At this time, how to "long-term peace" in the tea market?