Still at a traditional tea shop? Some tea merchants have changed models, only innovation can go further

We are the originator of tea. Tea culture is extensive and profound. From ancient times to today, tea has not only appeared as a drink. From the perspective of tea merchants, tea has become an intermediate medium to support the family, but tea merchants We have to face the fact that the tea market has become saturated. At this time, how can we "long-term peace and stability" in the tea market?
Not only the tea market, including all the commodity manufacturers, is trying to go on in the long run under the brand name of the brand, but for tea, so far, it seems that the brand that can win can not think of another one except Lipton. Famous big brand, is it that we can't grow good tea? Is our operating model worse than imported products? Obviously this is not the case, it must be the reason for the market environment.
I like to drink tea, and I also opened a tea shop, so I am very interested in the leaves of the tea market. I have been to tea fairs around the world many times while studying and studying. I sat down with the tea merchants at the tea fair to drink tea and chat. After a long period of study, I found that the tea market is undergoing huge changes.
I had such an experience last year. When chatting with a tea merchant at a tea fair , I talked about such a market model: the partner model. Speaking of this, everyone must find that it is not only tea, but many industries are focusing on one. The partnership model is probably because the current business is really bad.
During the chat, I learned that the partner model mentioned by the tea merchant is actually a reorganization of resources, but it sounds that the market is relatively blank and has more development prospects.
The first thing to do is to put more tea in your own home instead of opening a tea shop. As a tea merchant, look for friends who like to drink tea around, and even friends who do n’t like tea. Anyone who is a friend can join in and like tea. A friend of mine asks where you bought your tea for a long time. If you can help him buy it, then the problem will not be solved more than half of the time? Basically, the money is in hand. As long as you find a cooperative brand, there is no problem. Have you discovered that this is not a process of building a brand?
How clever it is to make searching for tea friends a sales model. Since listening to the explanation of the tea maker, the author is like a cloud and fog. In a blink of an eye, this model has been running for more than half a year. To be honest, I have made more friends and made a lot of money. I hope that more and better models will appear in the market in the future.
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