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When you buy tea at home, you can't drink it for a while. If you leave it, it will taste bad, and in some cases it will deteriorate. How to save it so that it does not deteriorate immediately?
Why does tea deteriorate? The main factors causing tea deterioration: light, temperature, tea moisture content, air humidity, oxygen, microorganisms, and odor pollution. Among them, the deterioration caused by microorganisms is limited by factors such as temperature, moisture, and oxygen, and the odor pollution is related to the storage environment.
The storage key of tea is to prevent pressure, moisture, seal, light, and odor.
Generally speaking, tin cans, jars, and colored glass bottles are the best containers for storing tea. Secondly, iron cans, wooden boxes, bamboo boxes, etc. should be used. Among them, bamboo boxes should not be used in the dry north, and plastic bags and cartons are the worst. Many tea estates choose clay pots made of purple sand, wrap the tea leaves with thin-film paper, seal them after closing the lid, and store them in this way.
How should tea be stored? Theoretically, the best way to store and store tea is to keep it dry (with a moisture content of about 6%), refrigerated, anaerobic (vacuumed or nitrogen-filled), and protected from light.
However, due to various objective conditions, it is often impossible to have both. Can catch the necessary requirements of tea drying, and then take some other measures, but also based on specific tea specific analysis.
Different teas have different storage methods according to their aging and tea properties.
01.Green and yellow tea
Of all the tea leaves, green tea is best stored in the refrigerator, especially the highly aromatic teas like Longjing tea. Because of its similar craftsmanship to green tea, yellow tea can also be stored universally.
If the storage time is short and you need to drink at any time, you can put the green tea in the refrigerator and adjust the temperature to about 5 degrees Celsius; if it is unopened tea and you want to keep it for more than one year, you should put it in the freezer.
If you buy a large amount of tea at one time, you should first pack it in small packets (cans), then put it in the refrigerator, and take out the required brewing amount each time. It is not suitable to repeatedly freeze and thaw the same packet of tea.
02, flower tea
The scented tea is generally a reprocessed tea of green tea, and also has oolong tea as the base. The water content is generally high and it is easy to deteriorate.
The scented tea has a strong floral scent. Preservation under low temperature conditions will inhibit its aroma and reduce its freshness and concentration. Therefore, the preservation of scented tea does not need to be deliberately low temperature. It should be protected from moisture and stored in a cool, dry, odor-free environment.
03, Oolong tea
Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea, which is between black tea and green tea. It is easier to store.
According to the degree of dry baking, rock tea, strong-flavored Tieguanyin, and some single bush teas can be stored at room temperature without storage at low temperature.
In the same way, the roasted teas, such as the fragrance-type Tieguanyin and the dehumidified single bush, are kept in the refrigerator at low temperature in order to maintain their freshness and taste.
04 、 Black tea
Black tea dry tea has a low water content and is easily affected by moisture or fragrance. Try to avoid mixing and storage of different types of tea. Generally, it can be placed in a closed and dry container and protected from light and high temperature.
If conditions permit, it is better to use a purple sand can or tin can. It is difficult to ensure that the glass can not be exposed to sunlight. Before the black tea is put in, it is packed in a plastic bag to eliminate the air in the bag, which can better retain the tea aroma.
05.White tea
White tea is the tea with the most primitive and simplest process. The fresh leaves picked are wilted and dried to 90% dryness, and then dried at low temperature until fully dried.
White tea is resistant to storage. Its storage is more environmentally friendly. It does not need to be kept fresh at low temperature. It only needs to be stored at room temperature to prevent odors. Generally, it is between 10-35 ° C; The darker the tea soup, the softer the flavor.
06, black tea
Preservation of black tea requires ventilation, dryness, and no odor.
Ventilation and drying is the most important thing to note when storing black tea. It is best to use kraft paper, leather paper and other highly transparent packaging materials (do not use plastic bags to seal it) to store it.
Tibetan tea, flip every 3 months or so to check for mold or other parasites.
07.Pu'er tea
As a kind of black tea, Pu'er cooked tea can be stored as long as it is not exposed to direct sunlight and rain, the environment is clean and hygienic, and the ventilation is free of other odors and odors.
If there is a large amount of storage, a special warehouse can be set up for storage.
If the quantity is small, individuals can store it at home. They can be stored in ceramic tile cylinders. Remove the outer packaging of Pu'er loose tea and place it directly in the cylinder. Seal the cylinder mouth.
In addition to the cake tea, gourd tea, and tincture tea, they are packed in plastic bags and sealed to prevent moisture.
Tips: The most important thing to prevent during storage of tea is odor and mildew. Tea leaves are particularly odor-absorbing. Once the odor of Pu'er tea is inhaled, the original aroma of fragrant tea will be destroyed.
You have good tea in your hand, and you need to store it properly to optimize the color and aroma of the tea.
Different types of tea are black tea and puer tea. The value of storage can be maximized when stored under the correct conditions, so if you drink good tea, you also need to store good tea.
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