Yingde tea industry's comprehensive output value reached 4.8 billion yuan last year

On the evening of January 5th, the 2019 Yingde Tea Industry Association Annual Meeting was held in the tea base of Yingde Yingzhou Black Tea Industry Co., Ltd. in Tea Fun Park.
At the annual meeting, the Tea Planting and Processing Professional Committee, the Tea Market Circulation Professional Committee, and the Tea Culture Research and Promotion Professional Committee were formally established. The first 15 members and 3 committee directors were awarded letters of appointment. The Yingde Tea Industry Association will further promote the growth of the Yingde black tea industry through the establishment of three professional committees.
Three major professional committees are established and the first directors and members are appointed
It is reported that the Yingde Tea Industry Association was established in October 2008 and currently has 118 member companies. Since its establishment, the association has always been committed to increasing the income of Yingde tea farmers, cultivating tea talents and promoting tea culture, and contributing to the standardized, healthy and orderly development of the Yingde tea industry.
In 2019, in order to better serve members and play the role of the association, the Yingde Tea Industry Association applied for the establishment of the Tea Planting and Processing Professional Committee, the Tea Market Circulation Professional Committee, and the Tea Culture Research and Promotion Professional Committee with the approval of the business department. . Among them, the Tea Plantation Processing Committee mainly exchanges the city's overall planning, variety improvement, planting management, and reasonable fertilization, and promotes the development of pollution-free and organic tea in Yingde. The Tea Market Distribution Committee aims to create tea industry circulation. The service system, through regulating the market, expanding product sales, promotes the accelerated development of the tea economy in Yingde; the Tea Culture Research and Promotion Professional Committee will further promote and improve the tea culture level in Yingde, and regularly organize events to help Yingde's black tea public brand construction.
On the evening of the annual meeting, a total of 15 members of the tea industry practitioners were awarded a letter of appointment by the tea plantation and processing professional committee, the tea market circulation professional committee, and the tea culture research and promotion professional committee. In addition, Guo Kongsui, director of the Agricultural and Rural Bureau of Yingde City, issued a letter of appointment to the committee for Yu Xionghui of Yingde Shangyingxuan Tea Co., Ltd., Yang Bin of Yingde 800 Baixiucai Tea Industry Co., Ltd., and Chen Haiqiang of the Tea Research Institute of Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences. .
In recent years, the integration of the British and German tea tourism has flourished. More and more tea companies are traveling across borders. Through the construction of tea product exhibition halls, tea-making experience centers, supporting catering and accommodation, etc., the tea industry chain has been continuously expanded and the three Development of industrial integration.
At this annual meeting, the Yingde Tea Industry Association also signed a framework agreement with Yingde Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau and Yingde Culture, Television, Radio, Tourism and Sports Bureau to jointly develop the Yingde Tea Tourism Integration Development Unit. The three parties will give play to their respective resource advantages. Each year, 3 to 5 well-known tourist attractions (including tea garden scenic spots) or travel agencies in Yingde and Germany are established to issue plaques for the "British-German Tea Tourism Integration and Development Cooperation Unit", and strive to plan and build a tea tourism integration economic demonstration zone and build The tea tourism integration platform explores a sustainable development path for the Yingde tea industry.
The city's total dry wool tea output is 11,000 tons and the total output value is 4.1 billion yuan
"2019 is a fruitful year for the Yingde tea industry." Guo Kongsui said at the annual meeting of the Yingde Tea Industry Association. First, the production scale of the Yingde tea industry has steadily increased. As of 2019, the city's tea plantation area is 141,000 mu, and the total output of dry wool tea for the whole year is 11,000 tons, with a total output value of 4.1 billion yuan and a comprehensive output value of 4.8 billion yuan. At present, there are 346 tea enterprises in the city, 20 leading enterprises in tea agriculture at or above the municipal level, 11 leading enterprises in tea agriculture at the provincial level, 134 specialized tea cooperatives operating in new-type entities, and over 80 family farms (tea-growing). The second is that the Yingde black tea brand is even louder. In October 2019, the 15th China Tea Industry Annual Conference and the 2019 China Yingde Black Tea Cultural Festival were held in Yingde. Yingde Black Tea was awarded the "World High Fragrant Black Tea" honorary title by the International Tea Committee. Yingde City was named the "Top 100 Counties in China's Tea Industry 2019" and "Top 10 Demonstration Counties in China's Tea Tourism Integration 2019".
On the same day, the third council meeting of the third council of the Yingde Tea Industry Association was also unanimously adopted, and the relevant amendments to the relevant regulations of the Yingde Tea Association were unanimously approved. , Vice chairman, directors and new members.
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27.29 billion yuan!
Yingde black tea ranks first in Guangdong agricultural products regional public brand list
In 2019, the tea industry in Yingde City developed rapidly. With the 15th China Tea Economy Annual Conference and the China Yingde Black Tea Culture Festival, the "2019 Qingyuan Tea Appraisers Vocational Skills Competition" and "2019 Yingde Farmers" Held a series of competitions such as the "Professional Skills for Tea Picking" and "2019 Qingyuan Tea Artist Professional Skill Competition", and organized tea companies to participate in tea fairs in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Shanghai and other places. Yingde The influence of black tea regional public brands and the city's popularity and reputation have been greatly enhanced.
According to incomplete statistics from the Agricultural and Rural Bureau of Yingde City, only during the 15th China Tea Economy Annual Conference in 2019 and China Yingde Black Tea Culture Festival , sales of business entities such as exhibition companies, tea farmers and other farmers increased by 30% -40% year-on-year. At the same time, it has also led to a substantial increase in the turnover of related industries such as hotel catering, transportation, and tourism. Personalized annual meeting products such as tea cups, mascot dolls, and key rings for Yingde black tea are also popular.
At the same time, Yingde's black tea trade has further expanded, and agreements have been signed with Australia, India, Kenya, Vietnam and other countries to establish strategic cooperative relations, which provides a good support for further promoting Yingde's black tea "fragrant world".
The 15th China Tea Industry Annual Conference demonstrated the advantages of Yingde black tea industry from multiple angles, and also promoted the investment promotion of Yingde black tea. At present, Guangzhou Lahuo Technology plans to invest 80 million yuan to build a modern Yingde black tea deep processing project in Yingde.
In the "Cantonese Brand" recently announced in the top 100 public domain brands of the county's special excellent new agricultural products in 2019, Yingde Black Tea topped the list of Guangdong agricultural product regional public brands with 27.29 billion yuan.
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