Wuzhishan Early Spring Tea Mining Festival in Hainan

In order to inherit the Chinese tea culture, shape the ecological tea brand, and promote the integration of tea tourism, the 2020 China (Wuzhishan) Early Spring Tea Mining Festival will be held on January 11th in Shuiman Township, Wuzhishan City, Hainan. At present, various preparations are being carried out in an orderly manner. At that time, various tea associations and tea companies will actively participate in the grand celebration of the tea industry in Hainan.
The mining festival launched a series of activities around the theme of "Early Spring Bud · Rainforest Gifts". At the launching ceremony, awards will be given to Wuzhishan Top Ten Tea Brand Characters, Wuzhishan Top Ten Tea Poverty Alleviation Cooperatives, and Wuzhishan Black Tea Standards will be released.
The reporter learned that at the Hainan Spring Tea Display Tasting Conference to be held at the Mining Festival, tea companies from cities and counties such as Wuzhishan, Qiongzhong and Baisha, as well as tea brands from Haiken Tea Group, will bring famous Hainan tea products and new products for the guests and Citizen tourists tasting and buying. The tea art display and flower ceremony display activities were also carried out simultaneously.
In addition, the mining festival will also invite internet anchors, media reporters, and citizens to visit the major tea gardens in Wuzhishan, through tea picking, visiting the garden, enjoying the tea garden flashes, dancing bamboo pole dances, and eating tea-themed long table banquets.
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