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  • The inflection point is coming! Spring tea is not optimistic. In 2020, where will Yunnan's 10 million tea-related population go?

    Today, CCTV News interviewed Wang Xinghuan, the president of Wuhan University's Zhongnan Hospital and the director of Lei Shenshan Hospital. He said: The real turning point of the epidemic has arrived, and many of it is now consumed. Sure enough, as Academician Zhong Nanshan expected, the time to come ...
  • Concentrating together, overcoming difficulties-a letter to my colleagues in the tea industry in Jiande

    The tea industry is an advantageous agricultural industry in Jiande City, which is of vital importance to the tea farmers in the city. We are just as worried and anxious as everyone else.
  • Not only the quality year, the use of "West Lake Longjing" will be more standardized since March 1st this year

    This afternoon, the reporter learned from the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs that various departments in Hangzhou are initiating various protective measures for the production of West Lake Longjing. As early as the outbreak, relevant departments in Hangzhou have formulated a series of measures to protect Longjing tea. Production.
  • Songyang releases "Work Plan for Resumption of Tea Industry and Epidemic Prevention and Control"

    On February 12, Songyang issued the "Work Plan for the Resumption of Tea Industry and Epidemic Prevention and Control," which includes strict personnel control and the establishment of a certificate-based employment system. Requires protective measures such as wearing a mask, maintaining a safe distance of more than 2 meters between people, and no 3 people appearing ...
  • Spring tea goes on the market, foreign tea merchants purchase spring tea with "tea merchant certificate"

    2020 spring tea is approaching, a number of tea-producing areas and enterprises resume work, and timely release of relevant information. Famous mountain spring tea goes on the market, foreign tea merchants purchase spring tea with "tea merchant certificate"!
  • Preventing Epidemic Situation and Picking Spring Tea in Shuicheng County

    Approaching the tea base, in the field of vision, the tea farmers or small baskets of fingers hung up and down to pick tea leaves, or holding a hoe to loosen the newly opened tea garden ...
  • Suggestions on measures for spring tea production in Liupanshui Liuzhi Special Zone in 2020

    In order to resolutely implement the decision-making and deployment of the party committee and government of the SAR in Liupanshui, while resolutely winning the battle against epidemic prevention and control, and effectively grasping the production of spring tea, the sustainable and healthy development of the tea industry in the region is as follows:
  • The comprehensive strength of Sichuan tea industry is the second in the country, and the comprehensive output value will exceed 90 billion yuan by 2020

    In 2019, the area of Sichuan tea gardens reached 575 acres, the output was 313,000 tons, and the output value of Mao tea was 27.9 billion yuan. The area, output and output value of Sichuan tea industry ranked third, fourth, and second in the country, and its comprehensive strength ranked second in the country.
  • China Tea Association proposes transformation of e-commerce

    A few days ago, the China Tea Circulation Association released information on the teahouse industry survey. 92.67% of the country ’s teahouses had no sales or a sales decline of more than 90%. It is estimated that in the first quarter of this year, the national teahouse sales fell by about 60% year-on-year.
  • How to start Qiancha?

    For tea companies, how much spring tea is picked and sold well directly determines the future trend of the company for a long time.
  • Spring tea has been mined in Yucheng District of Ya'an City in 2020

    A small number of tea gardens began to germinate in Yucheng District of Ya'an City on February 5. By February 12, the staff of Yucheng District Agriculture and Rural Bureau went to Taiping Village, Caoba Town, and found that some tea farmers had started to collect tea.
  • Notice of Anhui Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on Dealing with the Epidemic of New Crown Pneumonia

    In order to actively respond to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, make preparations for spring tea production in advance to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control and spring tea production are “two things”, and to ensure the stability of the supply and production efficiency of the spring tea market, we hereby notify the relevant matters as follows.
  • Spring tea picking opinions from various places are out of the warehouse. Has your spring tea started to be picked?

    At present, the early spring tea is about to be mined. The main concern of tea lovers around the country is whether the tea production is normal? And how do tea farmers do tea production at this stage?
  • Jiebei Village Increases Tea Industry Revenue

    The 600 acres of tea fields in the village are built in accordance with ecological and organic standards. At present, two tea factories have been built in the village, and the price of purchasing fresh leaves has reached 8 yuan per kilogram.
  • Yibin Yixian Spring Tea Busy

    At the "Golden Tea" base in Shuangyou Village, Xiaoer Town, Yi County, farmers are busy replenishing tea seedlings. Unlike in previous years, farmers are wearing masks, and there is less talk and laughter between working hours.
  • Leshan Jiajiang: Spring tea picking was “hands-on” with epidemic prevention

    On February 13, tea farmers wearing masks were busy picking spring tea on the tea hill of Wuxiangang Village, Mucheng Town, Jiajiang County, Leshan.
  • How will Sichuan tea respond to the epidemic prevention in Sichuan?

    At present, the picking period in various places collides with the critical period of the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control. Faced with the current epidemic prevention and control situation, spring tea harvesting is facing pressures such as resumption of labor pressure and lower transaction prices. How will it be handled?
  • War epidemic, help tea farmers, Shu tea is in action!

    Overcoming difficulties together, love in action! War epidemic situation, help tea farmers, show supply and marketing role! Shu Tea Industry will not forget its original intention, keep in mind the mission of serving the agriculture, rely on the tea industry to help the poor, help the village to rejuvenate, and work with you and me to overcome difficulties!
  • Guizhou Zhenfeng: Tea farmers picking busy in spring ploughing season

    At present, during the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, while the epidemic prevention work is being carried out in Changtian Town, Zhenfeng County, the county party committee and county government have seriously implemented the work deployment of spring ploughing and organized tea farmers to pick tea in the mountains in an orderly manner.