Current status of China's tea deep-processing in 2020

20191219 Tea World News List!
At present, many tea gardens only pick spring tea, and the utilization rate of summer and autumn tea is relatively low. Early spring tea is high-end tea, sold domestically, accounting for 20-25%; late spring tea is bulk tea, exported tea, accounting for 20-25%; summer and autumn tea is oolong tea, black tea, and exported tea, accounting for 50 +%. Low, severe mining problems.
Today, the Chinese tea industry has accumulated a total output value of 600 billion yuan. Among them, the agricultural output value accounts for 219.7 billion yuan, and it is difficult to further expand the agricultural output value. How to develop the secondary and tertiary industries, especially the efficient use of summer and autumn tea resources through deep processing, will drive the continuous growth of the Chinese tea industry and will be the imagination of the future development of the tea industry!
Source: Primary school students in the tea industry
According to the World Bank forecast, the beverage price index (BeveragePrice Index) is expected to rise by 2% in 2020 after a 5% decline in 2019. The World Bank raised its economic forecast for beverage prices in November and predicted that the downward trend would stabilize in 2020.
Over the past two years, the price of goods used to make beverages, including tea, cocoa and coffee, has spiraled downwards. This trend has benefited retailers, but has put tremendous pressure on producers of origin. The overproduction of coffee and tea has exacerbated the impact of reduced demand in major markets, including the European Union, China, Russia and the Middle East.
Source: WorldTeaNews
A research survey on the ranking of Australian supermarket tea brands shows the trend of global tea commercialization, promotes the popularity of tea bags, and proves the power of technology in the practical comparison of daily products.
Source: China Tea Distribution Association
The 2nd China Tea Industry T20 Summit and the China Tea Industry Innovation Model Summit Forum will be held on December 21-22, 2019 in Anxi County, Fujian Province. Let the world share good tea and let the world know Anxi.
Adhering to the original intention and ambition of strengthening Chinese tea, in 2018, the third standing council of the China Tea Industry Alliance decided to use the G20 high-end dialogue model to create a periodic tea industry high-end dialogue platform "T20 (TheBest20ofChinaTeaIndustry). The China Tea Industry T20 Summit Established a communication bridge and dialogue mechanism between government departments, industry associations, scientific research units and leading enterprises, which will help China in leading technological innovation, advancing brand building, driving the prosperity of tea farmers, promoting the Six Tea Dance and the integration of the three industries The high-quality development of the tea industry has helped implement the rural revitalization strategy.
Source: Say Tea ShowCha
At the 6th China Pu'er Tea (Warehouse) Industry Development Forum, guests focused on Pu'er tea storage, focusing on the value of tea in the medium term, and extended discussions on product forms and consumption scenarios, as well as the evolution and innovation of consumption methods, to make Pu'er tea real. The value of consumption has become a real "chaimi rice salt and vinegar 'tea'". There is no doubt that this will have a profound impact on the development of the Pu'er tea industry. At the same time, the Pu'er tea industry will gradually form a more complete and subdivided industrial chain!

Source: Chayue World
The 8th Guizhou Tea Industry Annual Conference and the "Clean Qian Tea · Global Sharing" theme forum is scheduled to be held in Guiyang from December 20th to 21st, 2019. This year's annual conference will focus on "clean Qianan tea · global sharing", and share and exchange the core topics of the development of Guizhou tea industry under the grand narrative such as globalized thinking and industrial integration and development.
Source: 123 Tea Network
On December 15, the 2019 Pu'er Tea Warehouse Aging and Health Safety Symposium was held in South China Agricultural University. The conference focused on the two core links of Pu'er tea industry, which are storage ageing and health and safety, and brought together the wisdom of Pu'er tea scientific research institutes and the production line. The latest research and development of Pu'er tea in multiple perspectives Practice results.
Source: China Tea Distribution Association, South +
On December 16, the five-day China (Shenzhen) International Autumn Tea Fair 2019 successfully concluded at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center! This year's Tea Fair is the largest in history and the largest number of exhibitors. Its exhibition area is as high as 100,000 square meters, with 4,700 international standard booths, attracting more than 1,800 leading brand companies at home and abroad to come to the exhibition.
The world's tea gathering gathered in Shenzhen, and the tea industry's big coffees collided. Tea companies, tea people and tea friends from all over the country have gathered in Shenzhen to enjoy tea, enjoy tea, tea fighting arts, explore the future, and share this great event in the tea industry. It shows the strong trend of first-class professional exhibitions, with outstanding performance in display and exhibition sales, and hotter transactions. At the exhibition, more than 100 high-quality professional buyers from more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide negotiated and signed cooperation on the scene to promote the development of the tea industry economy.
Source: CDC
The tea industry on both sides of the strait is concentric. On December 19th, a cross-strait tea-man summit will be held in the pine carving house of the Stone Carving Garden in "Tangshan Passing Taiwan" in Tianfu. Chen Chengmao, president of the Fuzhou Cross-Strait Peaceful Reunification Association, Zheng Guangsheng, president and editor-in-chief of Tea Ceremony Magazine, and Li Ruihe, founder and president of Tianfu Group, and Fan Zengping, founding chairman of the Chinese Tea Culture Association of Taiwan, will be sitting around to talk about tea.
Source: Say Tea ShowCha
This tea culture festival is a tea event organized by a group of tea lovers from Anhui University. It is novel and rich in content, including tea culture-related performances, team knowledge contests, personal knowledge contests, tea fighting, tea art exchange, afternoon tea, etc. A form loved by today's college students. The opening method is unique, with the students flashing the curtain on the tea culture festival. Experts from the tea industry and enterprises shared their tea culture and brand stories with the students. The students benefited a lot while asking many questions to the experts. The extensive content involved made the experts overwhelmed.
Source: Hui Cha
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