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At present, the Chinese tea industry has formed a complete industrial chain of upstream tea sources, midstream sales channels, and downstream consumer markets. With the growth of China's tea exports, China's total tea exports have reached a record high. In 2018, China's total tea exports reached 1.78 billion US dollars. Expert analysis shows that the current export volume of tea leaves in China is relatively low and the increase rate is slow, so the increase of tea export value is relatively low.
Through further comparison, it is found that the current increase in the value of tea exports is higher than the volume of tea exports, which reflects the increase in the unit price of tea export categories to a certain extent. The subsequent export of high-quality and high-end tea may become the main trend.
Source: China Industrial Economic Information Network
In the process of pressing each cake and tea, thousands of buds and leaves are naturally and randomly combined. Like the "fingerprint" of a person, the texture formed by each cake and tea is different, so this is every cake The only "identity" of tea, this technology is called Pu'er tea grain imaging recognition technology. The chip pasted between two layers of tissue paper is called NFC encryption chip. This chip is based on blockchain technology, which allows electronic devices to perform non-contact point-to-point data transmission with each other and store tea cake information. This technology will be traced to Yuncha afterwards. The system was merged to build a large database of Pu'er tea.
Source: Beijing Tea World
With the economic and social development, the acceleration of the consumption structure upgrade, and the implementation of the "Belt and Road" construction, the development of the tea industry is facing rare opportunities. This was stated by Sun Zhonghua, the chief agronomist of the Ministry of Agriculture, at the 3rd China Tea Industry Conference hosted by the Tea Industry Committee of the China Council for the Promotion of International Cooperation in Agriculture.
Sun Zhonghua said that China currently has more than 40 million acres of tea plantations and more than 2.2 million tons of tea output, ranking first in the world. Tea has become a pillar industry in the advantageous areas of the tea industry and some impoverished mountainous areas. The achievements are significant, but there are also large but not strong, large but incomplete, large and inexhaustible tea industries, weak in competitiveness, the basic facilities of tea gardens are seriously lagging, The lack of diversification of tea products, the shortage of labor supply and demand, the rapid rise in production costs, and other problems.
Source: China Economic Net
A year ago, mentioning the red-printed discus-puer tea from the 1950s, it was sold for more than 5 million yuan at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Hong Kong. So, does oolong tea have such value-added potential? A few days ago, at the "China Oolong Tea Innovation and Development Forum" organized by China Tea Xiamen Company to celebrate its 65th anniversary, this issue was put before several guests. Compared with Pu'er tea, the collection history of oolong tea is much younger. Tracing back to history, the old tea concept was proposed earlier in Oolong Tea, or China Tea Xiamen Company.
Source: Tao also has Tao economy
With the improvement of economic level, people pay more and more attention to health issues. As a traditional Chinese beverage, tea's health benefits have gradually attracted consumer attention, and tea and health research has become an international hot spot. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Liu Zhonghua, after 9 years of intensive research, officially released the latest results of his research on the health effects of Anxi Tieguanyin in the afternoon of December 21 in Anxi County:
Luzhou-type Tieguanyin is better than Qingxiang-type Tieguanyin in reducing total cholesterol; Chenxiang-type Tieguanyin has important value. It is better than Qingxiang-type Tieguanyin and Luzhou in reducing uric acid, preventing gout, reducing gout Tieguanyin is better.
Source: Say Tea Every Day
Pu'er Tea Town takes Pu'er Tea, the most advantageous industry in the local area, as the core, integrates the resources of tea farmers, tea merchants, tea companies, finance, and the Internet, refines the depth of the industrial chain market, forms an industrial agglomeration, and realizes the financialization of Pu'er tea. Adding the financial attributes of Pu'er tea is more luminous, which better stimulates the industrial vitality of Pu'er tea town.
Source: Central Radio and Television
Recently, at the Wuliang Mountain Alpine Ecological Tea Industry Development Forum, more than 60 tea experts from inside and outside the province gathered in Nanliao Yi Autonomous County to discuss about Wuliang Mountain, and seek new development, research, explore and plan, recommend, and jointly build Wuliang Mountain and Alpine Ecological tea.
In recent years, Nanxun County Party Committee and County Government have actively responded to the strategic deployment of Yunnan Province to build a world-class "green food brand". According to the model of "one county, one industry", it has been built around the "mountain base, roadside live circulation, park development "Processing, expanding the market outside the mountain" industry development ideas, to build Nanshan Wuliang Mountain and High Mountain Tea Industry, make a fine base, strengthen the enterprise, live and circulate, become a brand, and expand the market. With the emergence of new cultures such as "culture + tea", "tourism + tea", "internet + tea", etc., the tea industry in Nanxun is developing in a good state of "integration of three industries, multi-industry superposition".
Source: Yunnan Daily
"The era of purely relying on resources and relationships to make the gift tea market is gone. Especially for some customers such as corporate purchases and group purchases, the key is to have systematic and customized services, from teams to products to services. Such a professional style. "
"Now in the gift tea market, some custom customers have certain requirements for the influence of the tea brand they buy, which is a challenge for us to expand the gift tea market next year."
Source: Xingcha Media
During the "Tmall Anhua Black Tea Day" event, Anhua black tea sold more than 10 million. Anhua black tea was recognized by more and more people and established the brand of Anhua black tea. Then the burden of tea on the audio-visual meals presented by Beijing in the eight major places, the launch of the first domestic Anhua black tea theme movie, and so on, make the cultural influence of Anhua black tea more and more extensive. The use of tea as a medium to promote the integration of Anhua's tea tourism has affected people's lives in Anhua in various fields. The holding of the fourth Black Tea Culture Festival, etc., and leveraging the "Belt and Road" strategy to go abroad, expanded the influence of Anhua Black Tea at home and abroad.
Source: AH Black Tea Information
Recently, the 2019 Zhejiang (Shenzhen) Green Tea Expo (The 13th Zhejiang Green Tea Expo) opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. This is also the first time that Zhejiang Green Tea Expo has been held in South China. At the tea fair, hundreds of Zhejiang famous tea products were displayed intensively. This year's Tea Expo is rich in activities. The main activities include Zhejiang Green Tea Shenzhen promotion activities, Zhejiang tea industry development achievements and tea arts, tea culture display, famous tea and related products exhibition, tasting and so on. According to reports, the exhibition area of this tea fair is 1,620 square meters. There are 146 key enterprises from 60 tea counties (cities, districts) in 10 tea-producing cities, including Hangzhou, Zhejiang, and Zhejiang. .
Source: Food Information Center
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