Tea Zen Tea Ceremony List
  • The beauty of Chinese tea ceremony

    Drinking tea is not only used to quench thirst, but also to understand the meaning of tea appreciation, because there is both the pursuit of tea tasters and the truth of tea tasters.
  • Origin of Japanese tea and tea ceremony

    When tea was introduced into Japan, it was regarded as a culture and an art. Tea tasting is a noble spiritual realm in the minds of Japanese people, leading to the emergence of Japanese tea ceremony art.
  • Chinese Tea Ceremony: Harmony, Jing, Yi, Zhen

    The tea ceremony is the core of Chinese tea culture. The tea ceremony originated in China and flourished in Japan. There is a royal tea ceremony in the royal family, a tea ceremony in the mortal world, a tea ceremony in the vulgar world, a tea ceremony in the Zen world, and a tea ceremony in the Taoism world.
  • Tea ceremony spirit is the core of tea culture

    When it comes to tea, we must talk about the etiquette of tea. Even among people who have just come into contact with the tea ceremony, some believe that the practice of tea ceremony is simple, and some think that the etiquette of tea ceremony is very difficult. The spirit of tea ceremony is the core of tea culture and the soul of tea culture.
  • After reading this, your tea table will be added again

    Making tea can be as simple as a cup of tea; making tea can also be very particular, paying attention to the ceremonial sense of the entire tea table.
  • The flowers on the tea table are so inserted, they are so beautiful!

    Flower arrangement is to use flowers and trees to express people's will and wishes, and to express the charm of flowers with flowers and branches.
  • Tea rhyme leisurely, three-pointer

    Good tea is made with good tea set to show the preciousness of tea. Exquisite and stylish tea set, let people harvest a leisurely and enjoyable taste in tea tasting.
  • Tea art aesthetics under minimalism

    The "dry soaking method" makes tea not restricted to the space of the place, and tea seats can be designed anywhere. Without the tea tray, the arrangement of a teapot and a tea table became the focus of everyone's attention.
  • What is "tea thing"?

    To learn Japanese tea ceremony, the basic procedure is to learn how to salute and shiver first, then to learn the operation methods and related knowledge of each tea prop, and then to learn the various methods of charcoal, tea and their related from shallow to deep. know how.
  • What is the origin of tea ceremony culture in China and Japan?

    China's tea culture has had a profound impact on Japan's national life and national cultural spirit, and the most direct impact is the Japanese tea ceremony culture.
  • The basic idea of tea ceremony

    Whatever tea we drink, we will grow into what kind of person we are. Therefore, tea is said to be a tea ceremony. Tea cultivation, tea making, packaged tea, tea buying and selling, tea storage, tea making, tea serving, tea drinking and tea ceremony cannot be separated. .
  • Dialogue of four years of sinking: Zen tea and human heart ...

    Only celebrities come to talk about Zen Tea, and it cannot make Zen Tea develop continuously. In order to form Zen tea, it is necessary to drink tea on a daily basis, so that daily consumption habits can be formed, and celebrities can only play a leading role. As for the latter, it still depends on popularization.
  • Pu'er Tea World is so simple, you can understand!

    Pu'er tea is a kind of substance, a kind of substance found and used by people. And this kind of material can bring people both physical (physical) and spiritual (virtual) dual enjoyment. Physically enjoy the functional effects brought by Pu'er tea, spiritually enjoy the pleasure brought by Pu'er tea.
  • The mountains and the sea are connected, and the tea is long

    The mountains and the sea are connected, and the tea fragrance is long every spring. Everything recovers. The tea trees in the Tianshan Mountains sprout calmly. Under the nourishment of sunlight and dew, they absorb the essence of the sun and the earth to gather the essence of the sun and the moon, and turn into the best taste of spring. Spring Water East ...
  • What is the way to choose tea making appliances?

    Many people like to drink tea, but making tea is a hindrance. Especially for tea enthusiasts who have just started, one is that they can't make well, and the other is that they can't start with various tea sets.
  • Tea, you have to calm down and take it slowly

    Drinking tea is a matter of physical and mental cultivation. The leisurely meditation of life is in that quiet tea room. Breathe with a cup of tea, let the tea slowly spread between the lips and teeth, wouldn't it be beautiful?
  • Making tea is simple, but not so casual

    The weather is getting colder and colder at this time, compared to making tea. The tea soup that is slowly cooked by low fire has a soup color like amber, the tea is warm, qi and blood, and cold and cold.
  • Sit and burn incense, a roll of Lisao and a joss stick

    As for the folk incense, they mostly gather in the teahouse. In addition to the tea doctor, there will also be a fragrant tea. The two aromas of tea aroma are here and there.
  • Soaking, cooking, and steaming are important for flavor!

    Making tea and making tea are two completely different ways of tasting tea. In addition to the common characteristics of good taste and pleasing soup color, making tea can feel the change of each taste, while making tea pursues stable taste.