Learn to hold your hands while drinking tea

When Jin Rongrong was young, he was on the beach with other gangs and suddenly saw a weak young man in a coarse gown sitting in a teahouse, tapping the square table with his hands. Gold Rong suddenly panicked and took people off the dock.
It turned out that this man was Chen Qiying, "the first hero of the late Qing Dynasty", and he was using the gesture of the Qing Gang to tell the Tong Ziren Jin Rong "There is something to discuss." The Qing Gang is the most senior, and Jin Rong knew what to do when he saw the secret word.
This is the gang rule. And drinking tea has its own rules. Of course I don't talk about that much at home. But when you go to an unfamiliar tea shop, tea fair , or someone who has the status to cultivate, and want to "snap" a cup of tea, you must learn tea ceremony.
Among them, the most important thing is "souvenirs" and "hands-up." One politely receives tea, one politely respects tea, defends one attack, learns these two, and can run through more than half of the tea world.
1. Souvenirs when picking up tea
Learn to hold your hands while drinking tea
Accept elder tea
Generally speaking, younger people should take the initiative to toast tea to their elders, but sometimes, some amiable elders also pour tea for us. At this time, as a junior, you can't be rude, how can you express our respect with your fingers? But with five fingers close together into a fist, the heart of the fist is downward, and five fingers hit the table at the same time. You can usually hit three times.
Accept tea from peers
Nowadays, the generations are more casual. They are usually gossiping and giggling, and there are not many people who pay attention to the gestures. But when your unfamiliar peers pour you tea, etiquette should still pay attention to: forefinger and middle finger close together, knocking on the table, is equivalent to holding hands with fists. Tap three times to show respect.
Accept junior tea pouring
The juniors pay attention to etiquette, and the elders must not be rude, otherwise they will be accused of being old-fashioned. When a sensible junior pours tea for you, you can tap the table with your index or middle finger, which is equivalent to nodding your head. If you like the younger, you can knock three times.
Etiquette is indispensable. In today's society, people often mention tea arts and tea ceremony, the most life-like tea etiquette, but no one pays attention to it, it is upside down: etiquette is not, why dare to talk?
Second, saluting tea
International public relations etiquette, guide guests or introduce customers to explain products, usually stretch out the palm to guide guests' eyes and express enthusiasm and courtesy.
Learn to hold your hands while drinking tea
The same is true for making tea. If you want to invite people to drink tea politely, you must learn to "spend the salute." This action is not only used to invite guests to appreciate dry tea and tea set, but also to express the intention of "please" when putting items in front of guests.
Learn to hold your hands while drinking tea
In addition, it should be noted that when there are many people on the tea table, the right and middle guests generally use the right hand. For the guest on the left, you need to use your left hand to do the "Please" action. The reason is simple: this makes our own body most comfortable and most elegant.
Drinking tea is a subtle and elegant thing, using actions instead of language, not only conveying etiquette in place, but also not destroying the quiet atmosphere of the tea table. This act of coming and going, the respect between the host and the host did not disclose.
Learn to hold your hands while drinking tea
The protagonist in the opening story, Chen Qimei, is actually not a gangster with a big character, he just knows the gangster's secret code in order to pretend to be an identity adjustment dispute. In the same way, we have learned to “handsake” and “hands-up”, and we can pretend to drink tea politely as old tea visitors everywhere!
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