The Tea Collection
  • One tea a day, please be nice to life

    Floating up and down, gathering together scattered, bitter and fragrant slowly comprehend, taste the meaning of life ... One tea a day, please be better for life.
  • Staying at home is a bit annoying, it's better to have a cup of tea

    What really needs to be prepared in life is not expensive tea, but the mood of drinking tea.
  • Overcome the epidemic, let's meet for tea!

    Since the beginning of tea, there has also been a dependence on tea. It's like an addiction that can't let go. Every "addiction" seems to give a bad impression, such as alcohol addiction, smoking addiction, and Internet addiction.
  • Meditate on tea and live like plants

    Tea has its own characteristics, as long as it is brewed properly, it is delicious and sweet, and you can drink freely. You don't have to do it deliberately. Everything follows your own preferences. Depending on the device, the situation, and the time, the tastes are different, and the shades are different. The drinker's mood is even different.
  • Have a cup of tea for one person and have a happy time

    Sometimes, a cup of tea a person can spend a happy time.
  • Tearing life, tea ceremony life

    When drinking tea, if I swallow it, I only feel its bitter taste. It needs to be fine-grained to feel its sweetness. Life is the same, in fact, there are many happiness. Happiness is not all lightning and thunder, and moisturizing is also happiness.
  • When you are old, drink tea, walk the dog, not very happy

    When you are old, a pot of wine, a companion, and a big dog spring to autumn, watch the flowers bloom in the early morning of spring, and cook a pot of tea in a new tea cup under the Nava house window paper with the fragrance of flowers and grass in the air One room ...
  • If you have nothing to do, you might as well come to "find tea"

    The best state of mind is not to avoid driving around, but to plant chrysanthemums in my heart. The earthly disturbance always makes people tired. Find a quiet afternoon, away from the hustle and bustle, a cup of tea, a book, is a quiet time.
  • When the spring blossoms

    A tea fragrance feeds a memory, a period of time remembering a fate, waiting for the calm, hope to come.
  • Learning to drink tea will really benefit you for a lifetime

    Drinking tea is not the right to enjoy only when you are old. Learning to drink tea when you are young will truly benefit you throughout your life and surpass all the truths and experiences in the world.
  • There is always a cup of tea to spend our time alone

    Let's stop, take a sip of light tea, relax yourself in taste, and stretch your mind. I feel that the joy of life is not in pursuing many big goals, but in small moments of fun.
  • When all this is over, I want to ask you for a cup of tea!

    Drinking tea is the patent of those who love life, make a cup of tea, feel the natural breath of tea, and harvest a calm mood in the hustle and bustle of life. When all this is over, let's have tea together!
  • Tea is a collection of memories

    Tea, another kind of beauty in life, is simple and simple, calm and elegant, moisturizing you in a tasteless place.
  • Tasting black tea is a sentiment!

    Drinking black tea is a process that is gradually understood, and it is also a sentiment that is carried out with heart.
  • Tea Life: Tea is Life

    Light tea is full of wine. If it is said that wine is like a bold and eloquent man, then tea is like a gentle and quiet scholar; wine is like the Forbidden City of Beijing and tea is like a Suzhou garden; wine is like "Symphony of Heroes"; tea is like " Spring Moon Flower Night "...
  • Middle-aged tea-reading mentality

    When a person reaches middle age, it is like tea in boiling water, from tightening to rolling. As for tea, it has also been thoroughly accepted from tea to tea. In the tea fragrant tea, it is not only tea that is charming, but also the calmness and calmness of life like tea leaves.
  • Stay at home with the tea war epidemic

    During this time, I have tasted several kinds of tea, black tea, vegetarian vegetables, flower tea, and Pu'er tea. In general, it can be regarded as a super tea life.
  • Make a cup of warm tea and calm down in spring

    In the early morning of spring day, make a cup of warm tea and sit on the rocking chair and shake it quietly.
  • Years of tea, very happy

    Being alone, quiet and beautiful, the disturbing thoughts blow away, enjoying the time of one person and one tea.