Tea is not expensive, it ’s just good; if there are n’t many people, just know each other

The encounter between people depends on a little fate. The encounter between people and tea is also a fate.
Life is a wandering journey. It is a beautiful accident to encounter every cup of tea.
Some teas are met at a tea party, and you like its tranquility.
Some teas are gifted by friends, and you like its elegance.
Some teas, you sip them in a hurry, but at first sight, and then, unlike them, you can never find that taste.
Some teas, which you taste every day, have long been accustomed to this taste, and since then, you can never "quit."
No matter what kind of tea it is, what kind of encounter, every chance of holding it in your hands is probably a destiny to hit.
Tea is not expensive. There is not much tea, just right. It is a lucky thing to be able to taste the taste in the cup and cup, and the tea fragrance will be kept in memory for a long time.
Be kind to the encounter of every cup of tea, and cherish the fate of each cup of tea.
Flowers bloom every season, wait every season, and a cup of tea is the best to meet.

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