Having tea is good time

A pot of tea chanting Zen flavor, half-curved Zen music to cultivate spirituality.
Walking in the world, we have a cup of tea in our left hand, the mist is lingering, and we have seen all aspects of life; a bottle of wine in our right hand, a drink on our head, drunk.
Tea is like life, it has a taste in it, and it is full of imagination and contentment. Drinking bitter and sweet, clear and astringent. Life is like a book, describing success, failure, and sadness.
Life is ups and downs, after going through various obstacles and climbing up mountains, just as tea has been brewed one after another, from astringent to mature, and finally to tasteless.
Lin Qingxuan once said:
Wherever the tea has a bitter taste, one has a bitterness, two has a sweet scent, three has a thick, four has a clear scent, and five has a light scent. After that, even the best tea is also tasteless.
It is like five kinds of life, young and astringent, youthful and mellow, middle-aged, heavy, rejuvenated in old age, and tasteless in old age.
Sit alone at night, brew a pot of hot tea, and watch the hot air rise, and my mind gradually swelled with the hot air.
Complicated thoughts, tangled feelings, drenched in tea, slowly moistened, slowly stretched, floating in the warmth, and my heart was finally relieved in the fragrance of tea again.
Drinking tea is a simple matter; drinking tea is also a complex matter, from simple to complex, returning from complex to simple. If you want to taste the ancient tea bowl, you don't need to take the time shuttle.
A cup of hot tea warms your hands and warms your heart. It is no exaggeration to say that tea is the home of the soul. Tea is accompanied by human beings, and it can be stolen for a long time.
In some corners of the world, the ancient tea is still alive, elegant and simple, which is a slow and warm time that is new to modern people.
In life, we need this cup of tea, five cups and five dishes, look away, and see the long river of history and life;
I also need this scoop of wine that can comfort the wind and dust, drink it carefully, live in the present, and live a bright life.
Tea has many dimensions. Some people approached tea through a piece of porcelain, a cup, a tea garden.
Some people are touched by a cup of tea soup, meet a tea person, attend a tea party, wear a plain clothes, and like tea.
San Mao said, "Tea, the first is bitter as life, the second is sweet as love, and the third is light as a breeze."
Brush away the dust on your clothes, and use the time of a tea to interpret the past sorrows and joys, understand the meaning of life and let go, and understand the meaning of fading everything in and out. Life is like this.
A ray of tea scented for years, in a clear water, awake the purity, sweetness and aftertaste of the tea.

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