Make friends with a cup of tea

A leaf, bathed in the sun, and baptized by wind and rain, followed by the hegemony and softness of time, the warmth and coolness of years, blooming in the water in a stretched posture.
Tea, in its hands, is a landscape that lives in the world's population: no matter how much sunshine and storms it has experienced, how many prosperous and vicissitudes it has seen, the ultimate conversion of life is still simple and peaceful.
Tea, waiting for someone who understands it
A cup of tea is waiting for a confidant who knows how to appreciate her. This life is where you meet. This day, you happen to come, I happen to be.
The ups and downs of life, prosperity and wind and frost, as if all in one instant, into a cup of tea. A leaf, immersed in boiling water, undulating in the cup, is a true portrayal of everyone experiencing prosperity.
At first drink, bitterness and sweetness; aftertaste, pleasant fragrance; after drinking, the fragrance remains. A cup of tea, calm down, taste a hint of bitterness in the bitterness, and experience a tranquility in life.
Man waiting for a cup of tea
Tea, a silent teacher, although silent, has taught us a lot of philosophy in life.
In the hustle and bustle of the city, we were in the midst of it, confused, and our hearts were like scattered leaves in various corners, and we forgot our original intention in the journey. At this time, you might as well stop and give yourself a cup of tea in the hustle and bustle, clear your mind, return to your original heart, and move on.
People are waiting for a cup of tea. If you wait, tea will not disappoint you. When mixed with water, it releases the aroma of tea. As time goes by, it gets older and more fragrant. Tea soup is fragrant.
The cup in our hand filled us with tea and soup, and at the same time filled the impetuousness and anxiety in our hearts, giving our hearts a place to rest.
Tea, Perceive the passing and evolution of life
Rousseau once said that the people who live the most meaningful life are not the oldest people, but the people who have the most feelings about life.
Life is unsatisfactory. Disturbances in the world, vicissitudes in the world, no matter how sweet tea is full of bitterness, the sweetness and astringency of tea is the taste of life.
As the old saying goes: Those who understand tea must be "those who are good at frugality." Therefore, those who understand tea must understand life!
Give yourself a cup of tea time, no longer harsh life, because life is the most unfortunate, always trampled on wanton;
Give yourself a cup of tea time, no longer complain about time, because time is the most innocent, always used as an excuse.
A cup of tea makes people return from prosperity to tranquility, return to their original self deep inside, and return to the true nature of natural life.
Forget the hustle and bustle of the world, abandon the bright lights, make a pot of tea, and sit opposite you. I'm here at the right time, and you happen to be.
No one in this world has prepared for you in advance. To achieve a good cup of tea, you need to go through more than ten processes, large and small, and many teas need to experience years of precipitation.
Similarly, tea requires slow tasting, and life needs to be processed repeatedly. People also need to gradually get in touch with each other. We also need to maintain patience and build a bridge between people's hearts. The more thoroughly we taste, the more we understand.
Time passes silently, and tea will always surprise us in the years. When mixed with water, it releases the aroma of tea. As time goes by, it gets older and more fragrant.
In the days when tea is with us, keep aside your favorite lifestyle outside of the bustling time. No matter how busy you are, take time every day and enjoy a cup of tea with your loved ones.

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