Tea strong tea is light, just right

Tea rises and falls, teas rise and fall are life. Tea strong tea light, strong and weak are moods. The taste in tea, slow and gentle, ask the tea to heart, a cup of tea, concentrated the whole life.
There is always bitter joy in life;
There will always be gains and losses in life;
Many things, let go, let go
Many state of affairs, see through, see through;
Many people, many things, passed, let it be a landscape.
In the mountains and rivers of life, you don't have to bear too much, just listen to the wind, you can go easier. It is not terrible to fall. It is important to be able to get up in the place where you fell.
Many times, people live more than just material things. Calm down and experience the faint life in the tea room.
Light is the true taste of life.
A touch of floral fragrance, a touch of moonlight, a touch of landscape, a touch of cloud and smoke. I like light, taste light, and think lightly. In the light, sketch that sweet fragrance, a miss, a nostalgia. Light, not faint, but light. Like that faint Zen state, there is an unspeakable eternity.
After reading thousands of words, it is far worse than nothing. After reading thousands of people, it is far better to read quietly. Love text, tired of writing. Love is trapped by love. Those who are greedy for money eventually become wealth slaves. A bunch of greedy, but often, greedy for pain. The Heart Sutra said: "The color is not different from the empty, the empty is not different from the color ... therefore, the sky is colorless." Blindly seeking for empty space is like a blank piece of paper. It's just empty talk. Blindly seeking color is like full paper color and thick makeup and bright makeup. I have lost the ethereal and charm of the painting. What's the point? The masters of Chinese paintings are well aware of the interest, a little thick ink, a few light inks, a little bit of dyeing, a little white space, and one side of Zhu Yin makes the picture vivid. Seemingly inattentive, a few strokes of Qingyi, but ingenuity, huge strokes. Regardless of whether you understand it or not, in a word, it is comfortable to read, it has a pleasant taste, and quiet goods have Qinghuan.
The taste of life is Qinghuan, the gentleman's friendship is as light as water.
Meet each other lightly, get along lightly, send lightly together. You do n’t like me when you come; I do n’t feel sad when you go. This is the Buddhist fate. Qing is the essence of life. A cup of purified water can adjust Baiwei's life. A painting with a cool background, with a few strokes at will, there will be unexpected charm of God. The heart is bright like a mirror, but it can shine through the world. The heart is like clean water, which reflects the natural bright moon and breeze. It is clear to see mountains as mountains and water as water.
A cup of tea in hand, a bottle of flowers on the table, a picture on the wall, a book on the bedside, and a garden outside the window. Leisure tea, watching flowers blooming, looking up to appreciate paintings, looking down at books, looking up naturally. Determined, restless. Everything is faint, no acacia, no chase, no annoyance. This is Qinghuan, the wind is clear, the moon is cold, the years are quiet, everything is so peaceful. The world is one's own; happiness is also one's. If you are tired, take a nap; if you are hungry, have some coarse tea and light rice. It is not good for you not to ask for visitors, or for your name, so you can enjoy the tranquility and leisure of your life.
The violets in the net bottle are light purple, noble and elegant. The texture of the leaves is very warm, moist, demure, free and graceful, such as the cheongsam woman of the Republic of China, seductive, hearty, and affectionate, a touch of book flavor. The tiny, delicate flowers, with only three lilac petals, and a few fluffy golden stamens in the middle, have indescribable clarity and charm. Flowers tend to wither in the afternoon and disappear in the morning. The flowers bloomed and thanked, and there was no trace. What kind of state is this? I like elegant, elegant writing, elegant flowers, elegant women, elegant time. Everything is quiet, staying quietly, waiting quietly, no greetings, no thoughts, only this little bit of transparency in the heart.
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