Tea tasting is the real taste of tea!

People who drink tea for the first time often say that tea is bitter, but they feel that this bitterness is different from ordinary bitterness. A bit of bitterness is lingering on the tip of the tongue, as if it is air. It clearly exists and can be felt. But infiltrated into his body and mind silently, unable to grasp, as if the suffering just tasted was just an illusion.
We work hard in the society just like the tea that was first imported. Because of lack of experience, insufficient social experience, many things do not understand, a lot of professional knowledge do not understand, so we bumped against each other and suffered many failures. Interpersonal relationships started from scratch, everything is like Walking in the dark, stumbling under my feet, even pulling by thorns, hindering by traps, all these will make us feel a bit bitter.
Everyone has to go through such a stage, just as drinking tea must first be bitter and sweet, so there is only so much experience in the society to taste the real taste. The society has experienced more growth, and you can experience the real fragrance when you have had a bitter taste while drinking tea. Suffering is always temporary. No matter what is experienced in society, when you look back, you will feel that the Suffering is as soft as willow, light and light, and the fragrance of idealism will last forever.
Drink tea to taste, to feel calm, while the heart mirror reflects the past, but it will not cause a ripple of ripples, quiet in life and wisdom, everything you experience has turned into spiritual wealth, the heart has gained something, seems to realize. It's like getting used to bitterness while drinking tea, slowly getting a sweet taste.
In the history, celebrities who can learn from tea have experienced too many ups and downs in their lives. The taste is sour, sweet, bitter, and glorious. It hasn't been tasted once or twice, so they have seen it through. They taste tea. They taste the real taste of tea, the sweetness of bitterness, and the sweetness of sweetness.
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