Why send tea for Chinese New Year? Understand after reading

Tea gifts for the Spring Festival have been in existence since ancient times. "Dream of Red Mansions" also describes activities such as attacking people to go home to eat New Year tea and temples to hold New Year tea rituals, which shows the popularization of folk New Year tea customs. Today, reunion, visiting relatives and friends, and of course tea delivery is certainly the best choice. So what's the point of sending tea during the Spring Festival?
1. Don't know if you want to send tea
Many times we do n’t know the recipient ’s preferences. It ’s embarrassing that the other party does n’t like or do n’t use the gift. It may be that the other party does n’t smoke or drink, and it is not good for the body. Maybe the other party does n’t like to deliver food. However, tea does not have these concerns. The nature of tea in the field of gifts is relatively modest and suitable for various occasions. It is to his liking for those who like to drink tea. Even if it is not the tea he usually likes to drink, it is also a good thing for him. Kind of "early taste." If the other party does not usually drink tea, there is always a need for tea to entertain guests.
Why send tea for Chinese New Year? Understand after reading
2, can better express your sincerity
Tea is not a FMCG product. Often, a few hundred grams of tea can be drunk for a month or two. Compared with food, tobacco and alcohol, FMCG products, tea has been with the other party for much longer. Drinking tea is a kind of enjoyment and can bring Health is a kind of sincerity that you can personally feel for a long time. For gift giving, what is more important than deepening the other party ’s impression of yourself and maintaining the friendly relationship between the two sides?
3.To send tea is to send health
Tea is the world's largest health drink, and is also recognized as the most assured pure natural drink. It does not require any additional substances in the production and processing process. Tea is tea. Drinking tea can quench the thirst, eliminate digestion and detoxification, detoxify and sober up, diuretic and laxative, eliminate gout, prevent radiation, and slow aging. In particular, the high pressure of modern life and the sub-health status of human beings are becoming more and more obvious. As a fashion health product popular all over the world, the concept of "sending tea and sending health" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Especially the tea with more comprehensive health effects, more and more people are starting to use it as an indispensable drink every day.
Why send tea for Chinese New Year? Understand after reading
4. Tea is the national drink
Tea is the national drink, "Chaimi oil and salt sauce vinegar tea" is the best embodiment. The Chinese's familiarity with tea ranges from the emperor's prime minister, the literati, and the literati to the husband, the bamboo, and the common people. Tea is not only a medium for family and friends to reunite, convey blessings, and express feelings, but also evolved into a specific symbol of Chinese festival culture. Therefore, during the festive season, tea is delivered with culture and taste.
Why send tea for Chinese New Year? Understand after reading
Here are some tips for sending tea for the New Year:
1. Practical fit
Gifts must be prophetic, understand the needs of the object, and give gifts in a targeted manner, so that they can be delivered in the middle.
[Send to the superior at the end of the year] Stay up late every day, socialize with cups, get drunk and add radiation-prepare a cooked, a cake of old tea, send a good tasting pot, intimate and extremely connotative.
[Send hard-working buddies] The young buddies who struggle their brains and work with the computer every day. The butt and the chair are often inseparable. A jasmine tea, a cup of green tea or a cake, help him always call for a clear head.
2.Health care
Where has time gone, taking away parents' blue silk. Time makes us stronger and stronger, but makes your beloved elders weaker and weaker. Gifts for the Spring Festival start with the efficacy and send a healthy tea gift to help them stay away from chronic diseases!
Why send tea for Chinese New Year? Understand after reading
3. Share good tea and get closer
Everyone has their own ideas and opinions, but for good tea, everyone is the same and must be happy to share. Prepare a good cup of tea, send it to health, and resonate. Close the distance, and then open the box from the tea ceremony.
4, good health gifts, farewell to gift phobia
New Year's Eve Banquet, Reunion Meal, Party Wine, Shabu Shabu ... Our stomachs will work overtime and eat greasy during the Chinese New Year celebration. To soothe the tired stomach, and to have a cup of tea to eliminate the tiredness for the TA who is also tired of eating and drinking, is a must for this Spring Festival!
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