10 benefits of small green mandarins

The young star of the tea industry, Xiaoqing Citrus, is hard and thin, and has a spicy flavor. The tea blends the fruity aroma of citrus fruits, sweet and sweet, delicate and smooth, fresh and pleasant. There are many health benefits of Xiaoqinggan. What are the specifics? Let's find out below.
Top Ten Effects of Little Green Mandarin
1, refreshing
Xiaoqinggan has the effect of reducing fatigue, and is convenient for brewing. Soothing it for daily work can relieve the fatigue of long-term continuous work.
2.Whiten skin
The phenolic acid contained in the citrus peel can sterilize, can also make the body fragrant, whiten the skin, clear the heat and dispel the fire, nourish the yin and nourish the skin, and have obvious effects on female friends.
3. Reduce fat and lose weight
Foreign studies have found that Synephrine's main role is to oxidize fat and lose weight. Therefore, synephrine is often used as the active ingredient in weight-reducing yao. Synephrine is the main active ingredient in the extract of Fructus Aurantii, and this ingredient is contained in Xiaoqing orange. At the same time, Pu'er cooked tea is also a good helper for reducing fat and weight. Tea polyphenols and other active ingredients can help digestion and fat decomposition.
4. Regulate Qi and strengthen stomach, expectorant and throat
Small green mandarin, small fruit, green skin, citrus green, rich in volatile oil content, bitterness in citrus peel is derived from citrinin in volatile oil, which has the effects of reducing phlegm, moisturizing the lungs, regulating qi, and eliminating stasis. ,stomachic,
5.Anti-inflammatory effect
Xiaoqinggan peel contains unique flavanone components, and has many biological pharmacological activities such as bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, removing oral odor, and protecting teeth.
6.Small green mandarin has the effect of detoxification
Long-term smoking has damaged the respiratory tract, digestive tract, and blood vessels. It is not good for the health of smokers, followed by the health of others. For those smokers who have a hard time quitting smoking, drinking tea is the best way to reduce the harm of smoking.
In Citrus Puer tea, Puer tea polyphenols and vitamin C of orange peel have a degrading effect on various harmful substances contained in cigarettes. Toxins can be continuously released with tea drinking and excreted through feces.
7, office workers have a lot of benefits
In modern society, the computer family is essential to work. For more than eight hours a day, computers face the computer. The radiation produced will have certain effects on the skin and body.
Citrus Puer Tea is a blend of citrus peel and Pu'er tea. Carotene and vitamin C contained in citrus peel. Pu'er tea is rich in tea polyphenols and trace elements. The combination of the two can effectively prevent radiation and anti-aging. In addition, the shape of the small green mandarin is spherical, small, easy to carry, and very easy to drink in the office.
8. Drinking small green mandarins has magical effects on gastrointestinal stagnation
In the context of rapid economic development, people's lives are becoming faster and faster, and irregular diets are common. At this time, the stomach will often be uncomfortable. People with spleen and stomach discomfort often suffer from loss of appetite and bloating. At this time, it is better to use mandarin tea to help digestion and broaden qi.
9. Drinking small green mandarins can specifically haze victims
Haze is a combination of fog and haze that affects people's health. In particular, it will cause damage to the respiratory system and cardiovascular system. Citrus tea contains yao-physical functions of tea substances and tangerine peels, which can nourish the lungs, promote qi, and prevent arteriosclerosis. In haze weather, often drinking citrus tea can reduce the damage of haze to the body.
10.Small citrus sobering effect
The interpersonal circle is well-developed, and "business on the dinner table" has gone through several traditions of spring and autumn, and "entertainment" has also followed. Entertainment and wine can be described as separate families. If you entertain more, you naturally drink too much wine. Citrus tea can sober up, warm the stomach and protect the stomach. People with frequent entertainment can drink it for a long time.
Editor-in-chief: Wahaha
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