Tea encyclopedia list
  • What is White Bud Chilan Tea

    Tea is a healthy plant beverage, including a very large variety. Baiya Chilan is also a type of tea. What kind of tea is White Bud Chilan Tea? In fact, Baiya Qilan Tea is a kind of oolong tea, which is the best in Fujian ...
  • Do you know "Tea Mother" and "Tea Father"?

    Tea drinkers have heard the phrase: "Water is the mother of tea, and the device is the father of tea." Without the "cultivation" of water, the "tolerance" without the device, tea cannot be transformed from a small leaf People love the healthy drink.
  • There is pull flower in foreign coffee, what is Chinese tea?

    As a cup of coffee, coffee lahua has always been a skill for judging the barista's level. So, is there any similar skill to tea as famous as coffee?
  • Apart from tea, what is most striking about tea trees?

    Attentive tea friends will definitely find that the flowering period of tea tree flowers is quite long. Almost after the tea collection in late summer, we can see the tea trees and flower shadows in the tea garden, which lasted until around December, especially in the Jiangnan tea area.
  • How to taste the aroma of tea? Remember to collect

    Many people fall in love with tea, first and foremost are attracted by the fragrance of tea. But the aroma is capricious and difficult to capture. Beginners often only know that the tea is very fragrant, but they do not know how to appreciate and express it.
  • What is Zen Tea

    What is Zen Tea? Zen tea refers to the tea planted, picked and consumed by monks in the temple. It is mainly used for buddha, hospitality, self-drinking and gifting. Zen is a state.
  • The secret of the tea soup "Back to Gan", one formula is done!

    The taste of tea soup is a multi-flavored and coordinated complex. Tea flavor substances are mainly tea polyphenols and their oxidation products (theaflavin, theaflavin, etc.), amino acids, caffeine, soluble sugars, organic acids, water-soluble proteins, and aromatic oils.
  • Tea stories you have never heard of-"Ruixian articles"

    With the popularity of Wuyi tea in recent years, Ruixiang has some similar characteristics to Wuyi Rock Tea Cinnamon, and has also appeared to the eyes of all tea friends. This tea is very fragrant, its main characteristic is its aroma.
  • More and more Italians are starting to drink Chinese tea

    Located in Venice, Italy, the Tea Culture Association brings together a group of Italian tea lovers who taste tea, talk about tea, and research tea, and are committed to the promotion and popularization of tea culture in Italy and even Europe.
  • What tea is most famous in Sichuan

    What tea is most famous in Sichuan? In some parts of China, tea is produced, and the types of tea produced are numerous and numerous. And Sichuan is also a major area for producing tea. Although there are not many famous teas, there are still some in Sichuan ...
  • What are the types of Sichuan tea

    What are the types of Sichuan tea? Tea is a traditional plant drink in China, and it is also the main drink in our daily life. There are many types of tea in China, and tea is produced in many places in China. And Sichuan is also a place to produce tea, no ...
  • Why do many northerners have a heavy wine culture and many southern coastal tea cultures?

    Both tea culture and wine culture are now an indispensable part of business reception and entertainment. As far as wine culture and culture are concerned, there are indeed differences.
  • 11 kinds of "exotic tea", which one have you heard?

    There are thousands of types of tea. In addition to what we know and drink often, there are various wonderful ways of making and drinking tea that have been continuously created by people. Today I will introduce you some "exotic tea" and see if you have tasted it?
  • Fujian tea collection, suggest collection!

    From the topographic map of China, it can be seen that Fujian Province is surrounded by mountains and sea, beautiful mountains and clear waters, and the natural ecological environment is very suitable for tea planting and production. It has been a very important tea-producing province in China since ancient times.
  • What is tea

    What is tea? Loquat tea is black tea; according to reprocessed tea, there are scented tea, squeezed tea, extracted tea, etc. Loquat tea is also squeezed tea. There is a kind of beneficial Aspergillus spp. In the tea growing and growing.
  • What is Little Orchid Tea

    What is Little Orchid Tea? Orchid tea is a roasted green tea made from normal bud tips with one bud and one leaf to one bud and three leaves. Its shape is connected by buds and leaves, it stretches naturally, the color is even and moist, and the front is exposed. After the bubble, it blooms like an orchid, and the flower fragrance lasts ...
  • Do you know ancient tree tea, Taiwan tea, small tree tea, and big tree tea?

    Tea trees are now protected. Different tea leaves come from different tea trees. It can be said that the type of tea tree has a great relationship with the quality of tea. So, for ancient tree tea, table tea, small tree tea, and big tree tea Do you know all about it?
  • Everyone says spring tea is good

    Snow is the energy of spring; winter is the beginning of spring; when winter comes, spring is not far away! The face of spring tea in tea is coming soon. For spring tea, it can be described as in short supply every year.
  • Winter is coming. Which one do you prefer, tea and tea?

    It is inevitable to hear the sayings about making tea and making tea while drinking tea. So, do you know the difference between making tea and making tea?