Apart from tea, what is most striking about tea trees?

Apart from tea, what is most striking about tea trees?
Can tea trees bloom?
If you haven't seen it, you will be curious, because compared to tea, many people rarely hear about tea tree flowers; if you have seen it, you may be attracted by the small and elegant posture of tea tree flowers.
There is no peony, no peach blossom, no pear blossom. The low-key and even humble tea tree flowers never seem to have discovered the great works of literary greats, so many people do not know-
Apart from tea, what is most striking about tea trees?
It turns out that tea trees can bloom!
Attentive tea friends will definitely find that the flowering period of tea tree flowers is quite long. Almost after the tea collection in late summer, we can see the tea trees and flower shadows in the tea garden, which lasted until around December, especially in the Jiangnan tea area.
At this time, although it is the cold winter, the tea gardens in the south and the north are in the stage of rest and recuperation, but the winter in the south is warm in this year. The flowering period of the tea trees seems to have extended again. Amazing surprises appeared in the winter!
Looking at it, the tea tree flowers in the tea garden are scattered all over the place, or three or two, or a single flower. Although the entire bud is relatively small and looks ugly, it usually has only five or six petals. It is wrapped with golden stamens, white is yellow, scented, and spit out, attracting bees and butterflies. Although not comparable to some famous flowers on the list, it is well known, but tea tree flowers are also ground flowers. They are elegant and elegant. They made a golden lamp on you. very beautiful. Winter is also beautiful.
Apart from tea, what is most striking about tea trees?
Speaking of which, it is estimated that many people have long regarded tea tree flowers as "camellia" by default. Note that this is Zhang Guan Li Dai. Camellia is not equal to camellia.
There are many types of camellia, with gorgeous colors, or bright red, or charming pink, or exquisite white jade fragrance. It can be said that it is a fairy, and it is a kind of "high above" ornamental flowers that people love.
Having said that, if you think that tea tree flowers are just for people to watch and win a bright "vase" in front of your eyes, then you are not blind to pearls.
Apart from tea, what is most striking about tea trees?
In fact, the tea tree flower, although unobtrusive, is a "healthy mine." Unfortunately, many people do not realize the health value of tea tree flowers.
Tea tree flowers are rich in nutrients and are a good source of protein nutrients. Many people go to high mountain tea gardens to pick pure natural tea tree flowers, collect them after drying, and drink in water.
In addition, some camellia will continue to grow and bear fruit after the end of the flowering period, known as "tea seeds".
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