Tea common sense list
  • 12 common knowledge about tea that people do n’t understand but are important

    Drinking tea will bring you the taste of life, but also bring many unexpected benefits. The following 12 common sense of tea will help you start to understand tea slowly, and understand the taboos and benefits of tea.
  • For tea party friends, there are several details that need attention

    Friends who like to drink tea usually like to make friends with tea, but in the unconventional tea table etiquette, if you don't pay attention to some details, not only will guests feel that you are not professional in making tea, but you will lose your favor. You may even leave the party angrily because of your rudeness.
  • Have you been drinking tea for so many years, do you know when to buy the best tea?

    Old people often explain tea before the rain, tea before the rain or something, so the quality of spring tea is generally from late March to early April.
  • There will be surprises in throwing tea residues in the pot

    After the tea residue is ripened, it can release a lot of humic nutrients. When piled on the surface of some plants that are afraid of cold, it can isolate the cold, and the remaining tea can be watered.
  • Remember the taste of the six major teas, don't make a joke

    Six major teas, ranked according to the degree of fermentation, green tea, yellow tea, white tea, oolong tea, black tea and black tea. Each tea has its own characteristics, with different aromas, flavors and tastes.
  • Drink tea and pay attention to Sanqi

    People who like to drink tea pay attention to the three qis-"Earth qi", "Tea qi", and "Popularity". It is desirable and people with fate have their own opinions.
  • For tea lovers, you must know these tea knowledge

    What tea knowledge do tea lovers need to know to become a senior tea lover?
  • Common myths of novices making tea

    If you have good tea leaves but do not understand the correct brewing method, the original taste will be affected.
  • Different tea characteristics, different methods!

    A topic often talked about by old students, how to make tea well? There are too many variables in the method of making good tea. Should it be difficult to make good tea? In fact, if you do n’t know it, you can "strategize"!
  • Why is tea damp?

    The dampness of tea is that we often see the tea turning green. When the tea leaves are in contact with high humidity air during storage, the tea polyphenols and other substances in the tea will oxidize over time.
  • Eat too greasy during the Spring Festival, drink 4 kinds of tea to get rid of greasiness

    During the Spring Festival, every household is big fish and meat, eating too much greasy food will cause a burden on the stomach-it is recommended that you can drink some oily greasy tea.
  • This sample of tea is called enjoyment

    Tea tasting is actually a kind of enjoyment. How should I taste tea better? Let's follow the editor to take a look.
  • Why do some people drink tea for a long time and do n’t understand it?

    Often mixed in the tea circle, I must have heard a sentence: "Tea! Drink more and understand!" In fact, drinking tea is difficult, getting started is simple, but upgrading is not easy.
  • Illness in winter, tea health

    Tea supplements the four seasons. After the "warm supplement" of the autumn, in the face of the coming "sick winter", it is necessary to scientifically adjust the tea drinking habits.
  • This way tea is better!

    Drinking a good cup of tea is certainly refreshing, but if you can drink a cup of tea that you make yourself, the satisfaction will be stronger. How can I become a master of making tea?
  • Tea is learned, tea is cultivated, and tea is stored!

    Even if you have good tea, good water, and good tea set, if you don't master good tea making technology and technology, it is difficult to run out a good cup of tea. To make a good cup of tea, you need the following five conditions ...
  • To what extent is tea brewed as strong tea?

    In general, strong tea is too bitter and astringent because of too much tea, and the tea is thick and impenetrable. The color is very strong and a bit cloudy and when the tea is cold, a layer of tea oil will float on it. Judging from the taste, it is very bitter to lose the lightness of tea ...
  • Wash tea, what tea does not need to be washed, what tea is washed twice?

    How to wash the tea, washing it several times, it is not so simple to pour water in. Tea washing requires the correct method.
  • A cup of tea a day is really important

    We have passed the period of "getting a pound of milk a day" to strengthen our constitution, and "a cup of tea a day" has become the choice of more and more people. If you haven't drank tea yet, please take a look. What cup of tea a day can bring us?