Tea Beauty List
  • Can tea wash my face? What's good?

    Tea is a "treasure". Drinking tea has many benefits to the human body. Tea can be used after it expires, and tea residues can also be used for many purposes. But if you do n’t drink tea, can you wash your face with tea? what are the benefits? Let ’s take a look.
  • Tea skin care, do you know this knowledge

    The richness and richness of tea polyphenols contained in tea, if extracted and used as skin care products, can naturally promote harmless absorption of nutrients by the skin. Natural ingredients are also more reassuring.
  • 5 ways to tea beauty

    Many ingredients in tea have a cosmetic effect. Therefore, drinking tea and tea every day is a very effective cosmetic method.
  • How about the beauty effect of wolfberry jasmine tea

    Lycium jasmine tea can be cosmetic! Many girls know the beauty of roses, but in fact, jasmine is the real "beauty flower". Since ancient China, the concubine of the harem has liked to grind jasmine into powder, apply it to the face, or soak it in water for tea. ..
  • The beauty effect of green tea, beauty tips

    Green tea is a tea made without fermentation. It retains the natural substances of fresh leaves. These natural nutrients have special effects on anti-aging, sterilization, anti-inflammatory and so on. Therefore, drinking green tea often has certain beauty effects. Let's take a look at the beauty effects of green tea and skin care ...
  • The beauty effect and function of green tea: beauty, beauty, anti-aging

    Green tea ingredients are increasingly appearing in skin care products because of their powerful antioxidant effects. Green tea has certain beauty effects and functions. Therefore, many people in daily life will use green tea for beauty and beauty. Let's take a look at it together!
  • 6 Tea Skin Care Methods

    Tea can relieve eye fatigue, eliminate dark circles, and treat eye inflammation. Squeeze the soaked tea leaves, put them in gauze bags, and apply them for 10-15 minutes.
  • Benefits of washing your face with tea water

    Tea polyphenols in tea are very good for the face and can prevent skin aging and antioxidants. At the same time, tea water is also resistant to radiation, which is very suitable for female friends who have been on the computer for a long time, and it can also suppress pigmentation on the skin.
  • Why is the tea man skin so good? Drink more of these teas ...

    A cup of good tea is so sweet that even skin loves it! Tea-"Shen Nong tastes the taste of herbs, and the bitterness of the water source, so that the public knows how to avoid it. At this time, when the seventy-two poisons are encountered, the solution comes to an end", "Tu" is the ancient name of tea, famous throughout the ages All medical books record ...
  • Seven ways to use tea skincare

    Put the tea powder in the bathtub and mix it, then massage your body. It can remove keratinized skin, wash away oil, make the skin soft and smooth, promote perspiration, and have the effect of losing weight.
  • What are the beauty ingredients in Tibetan tea?

    Catechin (EGCG) in Tibetan tea is an important substance for whitening and removing spots. Its function not only eliminates spots inside the cardiovascular system, improves the microcirculation of cells and tissues, but also releases the same function on the surface of the skin.
  • Can peach tea freckle

    Freckle removal is an issue that women are concerned about, and there are many ways to remove it in life. Pigmentation refers to a type of melanin deposits caused by the increase of melanin in the skin, which is more common on the cheeks and forehead, and worsens after sun exposure, and is more common in women.
  • Why do you say, "No matter how expensive a cosmetic is, it is not as good as a cup of tea"?

    Many people say that women can't live without cosmetics after they are 25 years old, but no matter how expensive the cosmetics are, they can't ensure 100% pure health without side effects. The so-called maintenance alone is far from enough, it is best to have a cup of healthy good tea that can be transferred internally and externally.
  • It's not that you look old, but you drink too little tea ...

    In the book "Drinking Tea for Health", "tea is a magical recipe for health, and has extraordinary ability to prolong life." Tea has functions of beauty, weight loss, and health care. It has been a long-lived panacea since ancient times. .
  • Can black tea detoxify?

    Many of us have the habit of drinking tea. Most women like to drink scented tea or black tea. Because black tea has the functions of beauty and beauty, and delaying aging, it has won the hearts of women. So can drinking black tea detoxify your body?
  • Benefits of Detox Beauty Tea

    Detoxifying beauty tea is a tea prepared for the purpose of detoxification and beauty. Select the most soothing and calming tea and natural herbs, drink it daily, and different levels of insomnia can improve sleep quality.
  • What tea to drink can discolor

    Cosmetology is one of the most talked about issues for women. If you want good skin, you must take good care of it. Of course, you can also drink some tea inside in your life. Only the internal tone and external nutrition will make your skin better and your body better. For example, if you want to fade, you can ...
  • How to make blood tonic tea

    A good person's looks make his mental state better. If qi and blood are not enough, it will not only affect the face, but also be detrimental to physical health. Therefore, if you have a deficiency of qi and blood, take appropriate measures to make up for qi and blood in a timely manner. Speaking of qi and blood, some teas ...
  • What tea does a woman drink good for the skin

    In daily life, women pay attention to health not only to regulate their body, but also have a very good effect on skin care. They can choose suitable teas according to their needs. Drinking tea can nourish the body and mind, delay aging, and improve problem skin. What tea does that woman drink on the skin ...