Tea magic list
  • Putting tea and garlic together solves many problems

    Garlic is indispensable in the kitchen. It is an indispensable condiment in life. Tea is also an indispensable thing in the home. Putting the two together can solve many home problems.
  • The wonderful use of tea in life

    In addition to adding various condiments when cooking beef, you can also add a small cloth bag of ordinary leaves and cook with the beef. The beef is cooked quickly and tastes delicious.
  • DIY Tea Pillow

    Tea pillow is an active ingredient that uses health care plants and a unique pillow shape that directly acts on the skin receptors and nerve trunks of the neck, which can make it active, excited or inhibited, thereby regulating blood vessels and nerves and improving local microcirculation.
  • In addition to drinking tea, there are 25 alternative uses

    When referring to tea, the medical books of the "Compendium of Materia Medica" in the past said that it had the effects of quenching thirst, refreshing, diuretic, treating cough, clearing eyes, removing irritations, eliminating inflammation and detoxifying. In addition to these effects, I also discovered other alternative uses, you might as well try it.
  • What is the use of tea expired

    What is the use of tea expired? Tea, which is essentially an agricultural product, also has a shelf life. But the shelf life of different teas is different, some are longer and some are shorter. Therefore, for tea with a short shelf life, we all drink it during the shelf life ...
  • What is the use of tea

    Tea is used for a lot of purposes. It is a natural and healthy plant beverage used to soak water for health. In addition, do not throw away the brewed tea, it has many wonderful uses. So, what's the use of tea?
  • What's the use of overnight tea

    We all know that freshly brewed tea has great health benefits, but what use is overnight tea? I heard that overnight tea can make eyelashes grow. So is there any other role besides this role?
  • Broken tea, it still has this use

    Tea is fragile, violent transportation or improper storage can damage the integrity of the tea. In addition, in ordinary life, whether it is cake tea, scallion tea or brick tea, in addition to the whole piece of prying, there will inevitably be some broken tea.
  • Do you know the wonderful use of waste tea?

    Waste tea leaves are dried and heated to remove the smoky odor.
  • Demystifying the wonderful use of tea residue in life

    As one of the world's three major drinks, tea has some very magical uses besides being able to soak it. When drinking tea everyday, don't throw away the tea we have brewed. It is still very useful. Let me introduce you to the tea residue in life ...
  • What are the benefits of drinking oolong tea in winter

    Oolong tea is a popular tea drink among women. So why do women like oolong tea so much? Because it has too many advantages. Drinking one liter of oolong tea every day has the effect of suppressing cholesterol rise. Although the amount of drinking should be individual ...
  • The wonderful use of tea: overnight tea is not terrible, it works when used correctly!

    Many people think that overnight tea cannot be drunk, and there are many sayings. Among them, the more alarmist saying is: drinking overnight tea will cause cancer. In fact, this claim has no scientific basis.
  • How Tea Detox

    Because cellulose is not easily digested and absorbed by the human body, its physiological role has not been taken seriously. It is now found that cellulose is an indispensable nutrient element for human health and has irreplaceable physiological effects of any other substances.
  • Do you know that turmeric tea can relieve joint pain? [Secret recipe sharing]

    Drinking it regularly can have a long-term effective improvement on your joint pain. It's best to have a drink a day. If you mess up too much, you can put it in the refrigerator for up to 1 month. It's better to wear a pair of gloves when doing this, the ginger will stain your hands.
  • Drinking turmeric tea often can improve dysmenorrhea or due to poor blood circulation

    Turmeric tea can relieve qi and stasis and relieve pain through menstruation. It is used for abdominal pain due to blood stagnation, chest pain, bruises, and bloated pain. Generally, it doesn't hurt, and the complexion will become better. Turmeric tea is a beverage brewed with turmeric, and the effective dose is not that heavy, but it should also be noted that ...
  • Can drinking green tea lose weight?

    Drink green tea every day can lose weight! Drinking green tea often can reduce fat and lose weight, and it can also reduce the damage of nicotine to smokers. What other magical benefits does green tea lose weight: green tea anti-aging, green tea antibacterial, green tea lowers blood fat, green tea prevents dental caries, clears bad breath, ...
  • What are the benefits of drinking green tea?

    Green tea is a tea leaf made from suitable new shoots of the tea tree, which has been processed through typical processes such as greening, rolling, and drying. Its dry tea color and brewed tea soup and leaf base are mainly green, hence the name green tea. Green tea is to kill the fresh leaves after high temperature, kill ...
  • What are the benefits of drinking magu tea? What nutrients does it contain?

    Magu tea is one of the famous teas in Jiangxi. It belongs to a kind of green tea. It is a kind of green tea, full of aroma and sweet taste. For Jiangxi people, Magu tea is not only a kind of tea that quenches thirst, but also a health care with health effects ...
  • The efficacy of Qingcheng Snow Bud

    Qingcheng Snow Bud contains a lot of vitamins, tea polyphenols and other nutrients. Many people may not know much about Qingcheng Snow Bud. Clear green, Qingcheng snow bud, produced in Sichuan ...