Tea Literature List
  • Top 10 tea books to read in 2019

    In order to promote the creation and publication of original tea books and commend outstanding books, the China Tea Industry Media Alliance selected from tea culture books published from December 1, 2018 to November 30, 2019 in accordance with the nomination and voting procedures. Ten tea books were released to the society.
  • New Book | Marketing Chinese Tea: Understanding Tea Marketing in 2 Hours

    This book considers China's tea marketing from different perspectives, covering the strategic dilemma of the Chinese tea industry, the scale of tea companies, the rise of tea brands, tea culture, tea marketing, tea consumption, tea retail, tea ceremony, and many other aspects ...
  • "History of Tea" A Brief History of the Development of Zhejiang Tea

    The book has a total of 680,000 words and is equipped with more than 440 pictures. It systematically, comprehensively and completely records the development of the tea industry and tea culture from ancient times to contemporary Vietnam.
  • Which tea books are worth recommending?

    In the past two years, the author thinks that the most important thing in drinking tea is practice. Reading books for comparison and communicating with more experienced tea people are all channels for understanding tea.
  • Yang Kai's book "Cha Zhuang Tea People Tea"-autographed copy!

    The ink fragrance of the new book exudes the historical flavor of Pu'er tea, which is a long-distance, it will be a must-read for Puer tea lovers and tea people to trace the history of tea and old tea.
  • Modern historical documents of Liubao tea

    Over the past 100 years, Liubao tea tables have risen and fallen. At its heyday, almost every home in Liubao made tea, with an annual output of hundreds of thousands of kilograms. During the Japanese invasion of China, the Qianli Tea Garden was barren and people's lives were difficult. The century-old history of Liubao Tea has witnessed the twists and hardships of China's modern tea industry ...
  • Really need to understand tea culture, you can't get around this book-Tea Book Recommendation

    When it comes to tea culture, there is such a book that it can almost be said that it must be read-"Chinese Tea Culture". Today's tea culture originates from Chaoshan tea life, and the author of this book, Chen Xiangbai, "coincides" with Chaoshan people, a very cultural Chaoshan people.
  • Three Kingdoms Manor Yaojiashan

    That night was the big moon. After eating and drinking, Pang Zhengming's Yaoge rose into the air. The sight moved away with the singing, and the distant valley was faintly white, and it was already foggy.
  • How did the "tea introduction system" of tea trade change to the "tea ticket system" in history?

    Since the Tang Dynasty, tea has been a commodity sold by the imperial court and is called "que tea". According to modern parlance, it is "planned tea", just like the tobacco bureau's monopoly on cigarettes. The original nature of "Cha Yin" is a voucher for the sale of tea, which is equivalent to a "tea selling permit"
  • Awesome, the draft of the Chinese tea tree genome was announced!

    Wan Xiaochun's group published a paper online on PNAS. This paper provides high-quality sketch genome sequences of CSS and provides information on how tea produces rich and diverse flavonoids and theanine. These flavonoids and theanine can work together. Promote tea ...
  • Tea Spectrum-Seven Elements About Tea

    Tea maker, Jiamu South. From one foot, two feet to dozens of feet. The Baxia has two people holding it, cutting it off. Trees are like melon reeds, leaves are like gardenia, flowers are like white roses, like palm trees, tees are like lilacs, and roots are like walnuts.
  • Spring Tea Buying Guide: First Look, Then Twist, Three, Soup

    Spring tea is rich in nutrients in the tea tree, so the leaves are thick, the aroma and vitamin content are high, and the aroma is strong, which has also attracted many spring tea lovers.
  • Several titles of "tea" are recorded in ancient documents: tea, 槚, 设, 茗, 荈

    In ancient China, there were many words for tea. "The Classics of Tea · Yiyuan" explained the tea word "its word, either from the grass, or from the wood, or from the grass and the wood. Its name is Yi tea, Er Yue, Three said, four said 茗, five said 荈.
  • Li Fuyi: The Tea Trade in Tibet and Che 丨 丨 The Full Record of Historical Documents on Precious Tea

    Among Tibetan hobbies, when tea is pushed first, it is impossible to live without tea for a long time. The trade between Tibet and Cheli is based on tea as the only medium.
  • Jinshang Old Tea House Daquan

    On the morning of the 29th, the press conference of the Jinshang Tea Relics, a long-established tea and tea ware special exhibition in Jinshang Tea Road, was held at the Yirong Cultural Center in the Jianhuo Temple of Fire, 29 Liulichang East Street.
  • Red soil tea garden soil

    Red soil tea garden soil is formed by moderate desiliconization and aluminum-rich weathering of inorganic salts under subtropical climatic conditions. It has ferrous alumina with a deep red soil layer.
  • The sequence of the six major teas in history

    China is the origin of tea trees in the world, the first country to discover and drink tea, and it is also the country that produces the most tea in the world. The blooming Chinese tea brings us not only rich and diverse tea flavors, but also rich tea culture.
  • The earliest record of tea as a commodity

    Tea is an important commodity no matter it is the ancient city of tea and horses or the modern economic and trade center. The earliest record of tea as a commodity appeared in an article called "Children's Contract" in the Western Han Dynasty.
  • The Decline of Foreign Trade in China's Tea Industry in Modern Times

    The development and changes of the tea industry in modern China are prominently manifested by the ups and downs of foreign trade in tea. This important economic phenomenon has aroused the strong interest of many scholars, and related research has also achieved relatively rich results.