Tea health list
  • Healthy tea drinking depends on these six factors

    As a special beverage, tea has its inherent contraindications. Medical experts warn us that only drinking tea properly is a good habit of keeping in good health.
  • Tea suitable for early spring

    Moderately neutralizing cold and cold, warming the stomach and intestines tea is very suitable for this stage. In addition, scented tea, especially jasmine tea is also a good choice in the spring season. The fragrance of scented tea complements each other in the warm sun of early spring.
  • Which tea is good to drink in spring? Recommend the following 8 health teas

    In the spring, everything recovers, and the germs multiply abnormally. A little attention may cause minor problems such as sore throat or cold cough. May wish to drink more tea to solve these small problems.
  • 15 benefits of drinking tea in spring

    In spring, another season of reincarnation, everything is born, it should be Yang Yang, and liver protection should be the season of "spring birth" and dispel old age. Drinking tea at this time has many benefits. Let's take a look at the benefits of drinking tea in spring.
  • Eat and sleep, wake up and drink tea

    China is the hometown of tea and the birthplace of the world's tea culture. Today, tea drinking has become a unique art of life. Tea not only brings us history and culture but also plays a role in health care.
  • Double the effect with tea? !!

    Although the health effects of tea are good, don't drink one kind of tea all the time and match it with a companion, the effect and taste will be doubled! !!
  • Tips for drinking tea in winter

    There are many benefits of drinking tea in winter. Tea friends in cold weather can be conditioned by drinking tea in winter. The correct tea drinking posture in winter can play a role in health care.
  • Three health teas that are best for health in winter

    Winter health, pay attention to the way of moisturizing, warm tonic drink, health often accompanied. Drink tea for health. Let's take a look at the three health teas that are best for winter drinking.
  • Can black tea prevent cancer?

    Tea has become an integral part of Chinese culture. Black tea belongs to fermented tea. Drinking black tea can protect the cardiovascular function of the human body and can have the effect of losing weight and weight, but can drinking black tea prevent cancer? Let's find out below.
  • Drinking cassia seeds hurts the liver most

    Drinking more cassia seeds hurts the liver! In most people ’s impressions, cassia seeds are a good thing, and they are often brewed at will, but today I want to tell you that no matter how good cassia seeds are, please drink them in moderation, remember not to drink too much!
  • What kind of tea is suitable for winter?

    The cold winter is here. Drinking tea in winter is also particular about it. Some teas are suitable for winter and some teas are not suitable. So what kind of tea is suitable for winter? Let's take a closer look.
  • Several methods and effects of adding tea to other materials

    If you don't have the habit of drinking tea, then from this winter, try to drink some tea that is suitable for this season, maybe it will have unexpected results.
  • Tea is not for everyone. Drink it right to keep healthy

    But drinking tea also needs to pay attention to physical fitness and methods. Only when you drink it correctly can tea play a real health role. Do you know the following common sense about drinking tea?
  • What tea to drink in winter to lose weight

    In addition to the season for health, winter is also the season for raising lotus roots. Even if you wear more clothes in winter, you ca n’t see the fat, and it ’s easier to take in too much greasy food. In addition to lack of exercise in winter, we need some tea that can eliminate fat and oil.
  • Benefits of drinking tea in winter, what tea to drink in winter to nourish the stomach?

    We all say that a good stomach is the gold standard for judging whether a person is healthy. If you want to be healthy, you must first raise your stomach. In addition to light diet and nutrition, do you know that drinking tea can nourish your stomach? So in the cold winter season, do you drink tea to nourish your stomach?
  • What tea to drink in winter? Benefits of drinking tea in winter!

    Tea is a common drink in life, and we can choose different teas to drink in different seasons. Only by choosing the right tea can we play a health role. So what tea to drink in winter? What are the benefits of drinking tea in winter?
  • What health tea to drink in winter

    China has a tea culture for thousands of years. In the cold winter, a cup of warm health tea can not only drive the cold and warm the body, but also nourish the body. The climate is dry in winter, and a cup of health tea can not only warm up the body and mind, but also have health care effects. What to drink in winter ...
  • Women drinking tea in winter

    Women should not drink scented tea at will, because dried scented tea is pharmacological and has certain toxic and side effects. It is true that soaking water with flower tea has the effect of fitness and beauty, but not all flowers are suitable for anyone. So what are the precautions for women drinking tea in winter?
  • What tea is more healthy in winter

    Tea is China's national drink. Later, it spread from China to other parts of the world, and even the world is also very interested in drinking tea. Drinking tea every day of the year to maintain your body. Now, many people like to drink tea for health, so what tea to drink in winter ...