Tea making list
  • Making skills of Guzhang Maojian Tea

    The processing technology of Guzhang Maojian is divided into eight processes, such as spreading greens, killing greens, first kneading, frying two greens, re-kneading, frying three greens, making strips, and lifting the pot. The unique growth environment and unique processing technology have created the unique quality of Guzhang's hair tip.
  • Drinking tea on a cold winter day must be creative

    Let the Chinese tea culture combine with the new trend, the traditional tea culture and the modern tea pops and the fierce collision sparks, and then there are healthy fruit teas and nutritious milk teas.
  • How is Nanshan Shoumei Tea made

    Nanshan Shoumei Tea has the characteristics of slightly flat and slightly curved lines, green color and white peony, looks like the eyebrows of the shouzhe, the fragrance is elegant and long-lasting, the taste is fresh and mellow, the soup is clear and bright, and the leaves are green and intact. So how is Nanshan Shoumei Tea made?
  • How to make Jing'an white tea

    Jing'an white tea has strict requirements in picking, picking one bud to one bud and two leaves of fresh buds. As for the process flow, it is generally carried out in five steps, namely fresh leaf picking → booth greening → killing greens → tidying → drying.
  • Lingluo spring tea processing technology

    What is Lingluo spring tea processing technology? We all know that there are many types of green tea, such as green tea, and Lingluo spring tea is one kind of green tea. It is a green tea produced in Lingyun County, Guangxi, with excellent quality and rich internal quality. Craft ...
  • How is Wugai Mountain Tea made

    Wugai Mountain Tea was classified as a tribute in the Ming Dynasty. At that time, the rice tea was harvested from buds and leaves that had not been budded. The shape of this tea bud is tight and firm, and it is made by the process of sun-greening, greening, killing greens, rolling, initial baking, and re-baking after picking.
  • Making of Wuyang Chunyu

    Wuyang Chunyu Tea is produced in Jiulongshan, an area at an altitude of 1,000 meters in Yuyuan, Zhejiang Province. The conditions for planting tea are superior. Tea's natural quality is unique in color, fragrance, taste and shape, and enjoys a high reputation in history.
  • Biluochun fried tea process

    High-grade Biluochun, tea buds of 0.5 kg dry tea requires 60-70 thousand tea buds. The main processes are killing greens, rolling, rubbing the dough, and stir-fried greens. The dried tea sticks are tightly knotted after being fried, showing no whiteness, silver-green color, green and seductive, and curling into snails.
  • How was Biluochun made

    Dongting Biluochun is a treasure of China's famous tea. It is famous both at home and abroad for its beautiful, beautiful, fragrant, and mellow taste. It is a green tea drink that everyone often drinks. Biluochun is delicious, and its production process is indispensable. So do you know how Biluochun is made?
  • Chuanhong Gongfu's production process

    Chuanhong Gongfu strips are tightly rounded and straight, and the sharpness reveals that the color is dark, and the internal quality is high and the flavor is high. Chuanhong Gongfu's black tea making technique became an intangible cultural heritage in Sichuan Province in 2014. So what is Chuanhong Gongfu's production process?
  • Processing technology of Bai Lin Gongfu black tea

    The processing step of Bailin Gongfu black tea has undergone the fermentation step. During this step, aroma, soup color and leaf bottom are formed here; Bailin Gongfu black tea, the initial processing technology: picking → wither → Knead → Bake → Ferment.
  • Tan Yang Gong production process

    What is the production process of Tanyangongfu? Tanyang Gongfu is one of the three major black teas in Fujian Province. It is made from local sexual groups as raw materials. The finished tea has a tight and round shape, with white pekoe, black and lustrous color, and a fresh, high-quality aroma. The soup is bright and golden ...
  • Tanyang Kongfu Black Tea Manufacturing Process

    What is the manufacturing process of Tanyang Gongfu Black Tea? Tanyang Gongfu Black Tea is made from fresh leaves of the national high-quality tea tree species in Fujian Province, and then processed through traditional processing methods. The main process includes fresh leaf picking, withering, rolling, fermentation, drying, and refining.
  • Tanyang Gongfu Black Tea Craft

    Historically, the Tanyang Gongfu black tea process must focus on the withering process during the initial production process, and in the high mountain tea area, it attaches great importance to the technical treatment of warming and fermentation. Tanyang Kongfu's refining generally adopts multi-stage payment system, the main product recycling method, due to its production area ...
  • How to make Zixi white tea

    Zixi white tea not only has a superior production environment, but also its unique manufacturing process. The two have created the unique qualities of Zixi white tea, which makes Zixi white tea not only taste sweet after drinking, but also has good health effects for the body. How is xi white tea made ...
  • Don't underestimate the fermentation process of tea, it is also essentially different

    Regarding the fermentation of tea leaves, the fermentation degree of tea leaves varies through different production processes.
  • Oriental beauty tea detailed production process

    What is the detailed production process of Oriental Beauty Tea? Oriental beauty tea, also known as puff tea, belongs to a variety of oolong tea, and because of its obvious tea buds, it is also called white oolong tea. And among the semi-fermented green tea, Oriental Beauty Tea is the most fermented tea ...
  • How is Renhua White Hair Tea made

    Renhua Baimao Tea is a unique local tea in Guangdong Province. It is mainly divided into black tea and green tea according to different crafts. The finished product is said to have strong, mellow, fresh, cool, and fragrant quality characteristics. So how is Renhua White Hair Tea made?
  • Production process of Renhua white hair tea

    Renhua white hair tea is mainly divided into black tea and green tea according to different processes. Green tea processing technology: fresh leaves → killing green → rolling → drying → screening → packaging → products. Black tea processing technology: fresh leaves → withering → rolling → fermentation → drying → screening → packaging → products.