Black tea shopping list
  • Zhengshan small tea base to distinguish between true and false, learn to buy good tea!

    Generally, when drinking tea, I ’m asking whether the fragrance is fragrant. In fact, a true tea lover can only smell tea, depending on the dry tea, smell, taste, and tea base (leaf bottom). The first three items of tea are tea. The basic elements of tea can be understood before and after tea.
  • How to judge the quality of the Masanori race? The originator of black tea looks so good

    It is difficult to imitate the Masan tea, because it is restricted by region, climate, soil, variety, and manufacturing method, coupled with the small production area, it is difficult to transport in and out. A good Masanaka race is small and medium leaf tea, which should not be astringent.
  • How to judge the quality of Dian black tea? Quality from these four points

    Yunnan Dian black tea is the so-called Dian black tea, which has obvious characteristics and fresh tea aromas. Dian black tea was once gifted to the Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom as a gift for foreign affairs and is now a traditional black tea variety exported by China.
  • Yinghong No. 9 black tea is true or false? There is no shortage of identification and brand!

    Yinghong No.9 is beautiful in appearance, golden in color, full of gold, red in soup color, long-lasting aroma and floral aroma, tender and fresh, rich and sweet. So how do we distinguish between genuine and fake Yinghong No. 9?
  • How to judge the quality of black tea? Gongfu black tea, black tea

    To quickly distinguish the quality of black tea, experienced tea friends may say five steps: look at the shape, look at the color, smell the tea, smell the soup and taste the tea. But this is only a general direction. In actual operation, you need to adopt different identifications according to different types of black tea ...
  • How to identify politics and work

    Zhenghe Gongfu is a kind of Gongfu black tea. The raw materials it picks are all very good. With Zhenghe big white tea as the main body, it is appropriate to mix Gongfu black tea with strong floral characteristics selected from small leaf tea groups.
  • Tanyang Gongfu Tea Identification Method

    Tanyang Gongfu belongs to the category of black tea, and its processing methods are made according to the processing method of black tea, which is a kind of full-fermented tea. Fresh vegetable tea leaves are used as raw materials and are made through traditional processing methods.
  • How to distinguish good and bad Qimen black tea

    Qimen black tea is a famous historical tea in China, and it is also the best in black tea. If you want to know how to identify the quality of Qimen black tea, first of all, you must understand Qimen black tea, and be sure to go to a regular place when buying.
  • How good is Fengqing Black Tea? Must meet 6 points

    Yunnan black tea has a relatively short history. In 1937, Fengshan County, Fengqing County, Yunnan Province began trial production of black tea. Through unremitting efforts, the first batch of black tea was successfully trial-produced in 1939. So how good is Fengqing black tea?
  • How to identify politics and work

    Zhenghe Gongfu Tea is one of the three major Gongfu teas in Fujian Province in China. The other two Gongfu Teas are Tanyang Gongfu Tea and Bailin Gongfu Tea. If you want to know how to identify politics and time, you must first understand the quality of politics and time! And choose reasonably when choosing!
  • How does Yingde black tea distinguish between good and bad? Watch, smell and taste in three steps!

    Since its launch, Yingde Black Tea has attracted the attention of many tea enthusiasts for its unique quality. Its products are well-known for its well-proportioned shape, black and ruddy color, red and bright soup color, and strong and pure aroma!
  • How to choose Yingde black tea? One smell, two looks, three determinations

    In recent years, the trend of export of black tea to domestic sales has become more and more obvious, and black tea companies have made great efforts. Yingde black tea in Guangdong is one of the best. Maybe many people don't know about Yingde black tea.
  • How does Dian black tea look good? Key Points of Dian Black Tea Identification

    The shape of Yunnan black tea is tight and tight, plump and majestic, the color of dry tea is black, the golden color is distinctive, the inner soup is bright and bright, the aroma is fresh and long, the taste is strong and fresh, and it is full of irritation. The bottom of the leaves is red and tender, unique in China, and is a popular black tea.
  • What is the quality of Dianhongjinzhen? Look at these 5 points

    Dianhong Golden Needle is a tea brewer from Yunnan who introduced the sliver machinery and its technology on the basis of a large amount of Dianhong Gongfu tea technology, thereby creating Dianhong Golden Needle and famous black tea. So how do you see the quality of Dianhongjinzhen?
  • How to tell if Jin Junmei is good or bad? Jinjunmei Tea 4-Step Identification Method

    Jinjunmei Tea is an improvement on the traditional craftsmanship of Laoshan Black Tea, and the black tea researched and developed using innovative technology stands on the shoulders of giants and looks at the world.
  • How is black tea good? Fragrance-free, soup is positive, fresh taste, leaf bottom live

    Blacktea is a full-fermented tea, refined through a series of processes such as withering, rolling, fermentation, and drying. Among them, the fermentation of tea polyphenols enzymatic oxidation to theaflavin and theaflavin is the most important part.
  • What to pay attention to when buying black tea? Master the points and avoid misunderstandings!

    Only by picking good black tea can you discover the truest tea flavor from it. How to choose black tea is often a concern for many tea friends.
  • How to choose black tea? Choose black tea, kung fu black tea and black crushed tea

    The most basic characteristics of black tea are red soup, red leaves, and sweet taste. These three characteristics are common to all black teas. Black tea can be roughly divided into three categories: small species of black tea, Gongfu black tea, and black broken tea.
  • How to choose black tea? With the help of hands, eyes, nose, mouth, etc.

    A cup of black tea carries shape, color, aroma and taste. Tasting a cup of black tea cuts from these four aspects, and then combines with personal experience, you can taste the taste of black tea.