The dangers of black tea with milk

There are many ways to drink black tea. Many people like to mix black tea with milk. It tastes delicious with milk tea, but let's briefly explain the advantages and disadvantages based on everyone's views and opinions. Recently, there is a saying that black tea is harmful to the body due to milk, which can destroy the health effects of black tea. A German study showed that the casein protein in milk can destroy the effect of catechol in black tea, thereby reducing the health benefits of black tea.
The dangers of black tea with milk
Catechol in black tea has the effect of improving human blood flow and reducing heart disease. If milk is added to black tea, the efficacy of black tea will be greatly reduced, so people think that black tea is not suitable for drinking with milk.
Still other researchers believe that black tea with milk is good for health, and can be combined with oxalic acid in the body to help smooth out of the body. The human body contains a certain amount of oxalic acid. Generally, oxalic acid can be excreted with urine, and calcium in milk can be combined with oxalic acid to prevent it from accumulating in the body to form kidney stones. In other words, black tea with milk can prevent the occurrence of kidney stones. This issue has not yet been determined, but countries such as Britain and the United States are accustomed to drinking sugar and milk tea without any negative negative effects on the body. Therefore, black tea with milk can be used as a daily drink, don't drink too much.
The dangers of black tea with milk
The dangers of black tea with milk
1.Reduce the efficacy of black tea
A study selected 16 healthy women who drank black tea without milk, black tea with milk, and boiled water, respectively, and measured the forearm vasodilation capacity of subjects with ultrasound before and two hours after drinking tea. It was found that compared with drinking plain water, people who drank black tea had significantly increased vasodilation ability, while milk completely offset this effect of black tea.
Researchers believe that catechol contained in black tea can increase the heart muscle and strengthen the elasticity of blood vessel walls, which can help the body effectively prevent heart disease, and a protein called casein in milk can destroy catechol, thereby reducing black tea. Health effects.
The dangers of black tea with milk
2. Not conducive to anti-aging
Many people like to add milk when drinking black tea, the taste is more mellow and smooth, and the astringency is reduced. But black tea itself is a healthy drink, rich in tannins, and has antioxidant properties. The casein in milk will reduce the tannin effect and is not conducive to anti-aging.
Benefits of black tea with milk
1. Decompose heavy metals
In our daily life, there are a large number of harmful substances and heavy metal substances, and alkaloids enter our body, which is very detrimental to our health. And these things are decomposed by the liver. Black tea has tea polyphenols that break down heavy metals. Drinking more black tea can solve this problem for us. The liver is very important for our body, and it is also a site for decomposing toxins.
The dangers of black tea with milk
2, restore spirit
Sometimes we will inevitably feel tired and lacking energy, but it is certainly not good to yawn again and again during work, especially not to let the leaders see this state. At this time, you can take a cup of black tea to relieve it. Black tea can bring you the effect of restoring your spirit and keeping you excited. Black tea can also keep your brain active, so the benefits of drinking black tea are many.
3.Protect the heart and brain blood vessels
There are many elements in black tea. Among them, lemon and potassium can protect our blood vessels. These substances can promote blood circulation and cardiovascular softening. People who usually drink black tea will have softer heart and cerebral blood vessels, and the blood flow rate will be faster, so black tea can protect the heart and brain blood vessels.
The dangers of black tea with milk
4, nourishing the stomach
Friends with diarrhea are not suitable for drinking green tea. The coldness of green tea will only aggravate your symptoms, but you can safely drink black tea. Black tea is a type of hot tea that you can drink even if you have diarrhea. The top ten famous teas in China can also bring you the effect of nourishing and warming your stomach!
Precautions for brewing milk tea
1. Black tea with milk is suitable for foreign tea. Domestic tea can be blended with Yunnan red, Qi red, and lake red. Dian red takes its fragrance, Qi red takes its color, and lake red takes its bitterness.
The dangers of black tea with milk
2. The ratio of black tea water to milk is 3: 2, so that milk and tea soup can be well integrated, and the taste is smooth and sweet. After you have prepared all the portions, you can drink the milk tea back and forth several times with two glass cups to drink. The purpose of pouring can make the tea soup mellow and smooth, and the taste is very comfortable. Drinking milk black tea often can calm down and relieve fatigue.
3. Black tea is not suitable for cool drinking, because it will affect the effect of warming the stomach, and it may also reduce the nutrition content because it is left for too long. The best way to make black tea is to use an open cup. Do not wait until the water in the cup has been consumed before replenishing the hot water. It is best to store the water when about 1/3 of the water is left in order to dilute the tea and maintain the proper temperature and concentration of the tea. Each cup of black tea has three times the best taste. (Black tea is a full-fermented tea. Its heavier taste is its characteristic and its benefits, especially suitable for drinking in autumn and winter.)
Editor-in-chief: Mu Kun Xiaobao
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