Top Ten Black Tea in China? Take you to a comprehensive understanding of the types of black tea!

Black tea is a traditional Chinese tea. It belongs to fermented tea, so it is mild and has been liked by many people. Black tea has a long history in China, so there are many types of black tea in China. Different types have different advantages and characteristics. Let's take a look at the top ten black tea rankings in China.
Top Ten Black Tea in China? Take you to a comprehensive understanding of the types of black tea!
Top Ten Black Tea in China
1.Small black tea
Race black tea is divided into Masanori race and Waisan race. The shape of the Zhengshan race is thick and plump, and its color is black and white. After soaking in water, the soup is orange-yellow and translucent, with a natural aroma, flower-like aroma, and mellow taste. The smoked race has a pine aroma and longan soup flavor. Adding milk, the flavor of the tea is not diminished, and syrup-like milk tea is formed, and the liquid color is more gorgeous.
2, Yunnan Red Gongfu
Dianhong Gongfu Tea and Dianhong Red Broken Tea are mainly sold in Russia, Poland and other Eastern European countries and in more than 30 countries and regions such as Western Europe and North America. Domestic sales in major cities across the country. The taste of Dianhong is mostly mixed with sugar and milk, and the aroma after milk is still strong. After brewing, the Dian black tea soup is bright and bright, and high-grade Dian red. The contact between the tea soup and the tea cup often shows a golden circle. After cooling, a milky phenomenon such as cold haemorrhoids appears immediately. Those who appear early after cold are high-quality performance.
3. Qimen Gongfu
Qimen Gongfu black tea is a treasure of China's traditional Gongfu tea. It has a production history of more than 100 years. It is mainly produced in Qimen County, Anhui Province, with an annual output of about 50,000 tens of kilograms. He Qing is known for his strong and strong atmosphere and enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad.
4, Ning Honggongfu
Xiushui was anciently called Ningzhou, and the black tea produced was named Ning Hong Gongfu Tea. As far back as the Tang Dynasty, Xiushui County was rich in tea. The production of black tea began in the Daoguang years of the Qing Dynasty. By the middle of the nineteenth century, Ningzhou Gongfu black tea had become one of the famous black teas at that time. Xiushui County, the main producing area of Ninghong (accounting for 80% of Ninghong's total output).
5.Chuan Hong Gongfu
Chuanhong Gongfu, produced in Yilian City, Sichuan Province, and even in Gaolian County, is a Gongfu black tea produced in the 1950s. For more than 50 years, Sichuan Red Gongfu tea brands, such as Sichuan Red Red Noble, Xingshi Golden White Dew, Xufu Golden Bud, and Early White Pointed Concubine Red, have been well-known both inside and outside the province.
Top Ten Black Tea in China? Take you to a comprehensive understanding of the types of black tea!
6.Fujian Gongfu
Fujian Red Gongfu Tea is a general term for politics and work, Tan Yanggong and Bai Lingong, all of which are special products of Fujian. The three Gongfu teas have different origins, different varieties, and different quality styles, but each has its own consumer enthusiast, and it has flourished for hundreds of years.
7, more red work
Yuehong Gongfu Tea is Gongfu Black Tea produced in Zhejiang Province. It is produced in Shaoxing, Zhuji Yixian and other counties. Yuehong Gongfu is known for its beautiful shape with tight and straight knots, which are even and uniform, sharp, sharp, and high.
8.Lake Red Kung Fu
Huhong Gongfu Tea is mainly produced in counties and cities such as Anhua, Taoyuan, Lianyuan, Shaoyang, Pingjiang, Liuyang, and Changsha in Hunan Province. "Xiang Hong" belongs to the category of "Yihong Gongfu"
9, Yi Hong Kung Fu
Yihong Gongfu Tea is a drink with ingredients such as Yi black tea sticks. The black tea strips should be fine and tight, the color is dark, the aroma is sweet and pure, the soup is red and bright, the taste is fresh and mellow, and the bottom of the leaf is red and bright. The tea soup of high-grade tea also appears "cold after muddy" phenomenon.
10.Jiuqu Hongmei
Jiuqu Red Plum, also known as "Jiuqu Oolong", referred to as "Jiuqu Red" for short, is another major traditional fist product in West Lake District and a treasure in black tea. Jiuqu Hongmei Tea is produced in Hubu, Shuangling, Zhangyu, Fengjia, Lingshan, Shejing, Renqiao, Shangyang, and Xiayang, in Shuangpu Town, Xihu District. optimal.
Top Ten Black Tea in China? Take you to a comprehensive understanding of the types of black tea!
Types of Chinese black tea
1. Qimen Gongfu
The shape of Qimen black tea is tight and thin, with little gold and black color. After brewing, the fragrance is clear and lasting, fruity and orchid-like. This aroma is specially called "qimenxiang" in the international tea market. It can be seen that the aroma is very unique.
2.Jingshan race
Lapsang Black Tea is the earliest black tea in the world, and belongs to Black Tea. The original origin was in Tongmu Village, Xingcun Town, Wuyishan City, so it is also called "Tongmuguan Race", which means that it is rare and precious.
3.Jin Junmei
Jin Junmei is the top variety of Laoshan tea. After brewing this tea, its soup color is golden, with light and sweet floral, honey, fruity, sweet and smooth taste, and the bottom of the leaf is small and tight.
4.Yin Junmei
Yin Junmei's shape is tight and tight, Feng Miao is beautiful, her color is oily and slightly yellow. The soup color is green, yellow and clear, and the soup color is golden and clear. Yin Jun's eyebrows have a unique aroma, high clear and long lasting. It is a combination of floral and fruity aromas.
5.Bronze Junmei
It is a high-end breed of the Zhengshan race, which is only slightly inferior in quality to the top gold and silver Junmei, and has a higher cost performance, so it is a popular variety in the Junmei series.
Top Ten Black Tea in China? Take you to a comprehensive understanding of the types of black tea!
6.Berry incense
Bai Ruixiang is one of the top ten famous firs in Wuyi. Bai Ruixiang tea belongs to the high-fragrant variety and has a long-lasting aroma. Therefore, it is named Bai Ruixiang. Dry tea has a typical pure sweet fragrance, with thin and tight knots, dark black and dark light; soup color is bright and red; aroma is typical of Orchid and Bai Gui.
7.Assam black tea
Produced in the Assam Valley in the Himalayas of Assam, northeast India. The shape of the tea is thin and flat, and the color is dark brown; the soup is dark red and slightly brown, with a touch of malt, rose, and strong flavor. It belongs to strong tea and is the best choice for winter tea.
8.Darjeeling black tea
Produced in the Darjeeling Plateau of the Himalayas in the north of West Bengal, India, the soup is orange-yellow, with a fragrant and elegant scent. The top grade is especially grape-like, with a delicate and soft taste.
Top Ten Black Tea in China? Take you to a comprehensive understanding of the types of black tea!
The above is the top 10 most popular black teas in China so far, but to a certain extent, there are many types of black tea, and different black teas have different advantages and characteristics, so it is recommended that everyone choose the right one when buying black tea Your own black tea!

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