How to make Wuyishan black tea? Masako Kobayashi and Jin Junmei brew as an example

Wuyishan black tea mainly includes the Zhengshan small black tea [small red sweet, large red sweet] and the popular Tongmuguan black tea Jin Junmei and Yin Junmei, which are the outstanding varieties of Wuyi black tea. Then how to make Wuyishan black tea? 武夷山红茶的代表正山小种和金骏眉为例教大家冲泡! Let ’s take the representative of Wuyishan Black Tea, Xiaoshan Xiaojin, and Jin Junmei as examples to brew it!
How to make Wuyishan black tea?
Wuyishan black tea represents the method of Masayama race
1. Hot wash tea set (mainly glassware or purple tea set ). The black tea teapot and teacup group are brewed, and the cup is better than the white porcelain cup.
2. Tea injection: Inject 3.5 to 5 grams of tea into a covered bowl (pot). The mouth of the poppy is baked and sealed with shakuhachi paper, about six or seven layers, and a square thick white wooden board is used.
3, brewing: the water temperature is 90 degrees, the soaking time is 3 seconds as the starting time, as the number of brewing increases, the time in turn increases. The first few bubbles should be as fast as possible.
How to make Wuyishan black tea?
4, color viewing: Zhengshan black tea's soup color is golden and translucent, slightly green, long-time soak soup color is red and shiny. The dryness of Laoshan black tea is based on the fact that it is ready to finish. With the roasting, it is full, and the loquat leaves are covered on the Zhengshan small black tea. Each pound of the black small black tea uses about two yuan.
5, smell: natural honey or fruity and natural moss smell flowing soup noodles.
6, water taste: sweet water, sweet, smooth, smooth, thick aftertaste, full. First weave the knitting lining on the bottom of the poppy. After the Laoshan black tea is roasted and dried, it is cooled down.
7. Closing: Tea set should be cleaned in time after brewing. Picked and roasted in the mountains, and re-baked, and went to the small mountain black tea seeds, old leaves, stalk stalks and withered char, and buried the charcoal in a large pot, covered it with a stove, and knocked red fire. It's not easy to make, and the Zhengshan small black tea is roasted and roasted, about two pounds for one roast. Don't use the charcoal fire inside the furnace to suspend the opium on it until it is dry.
How to make Wuyishan black tea?
Wuyishan black tea represents Jin Junmei's brewing method
Boil boiling water into lids and cups to warm up lids, fair cups, tea cups, etc. It can also be used to wash cups, and then drain the water.
2, falling tea
Use a teaspoon to gently pour the tea from the lotus or tea platter into the lid. The amount of tea should not be too much, 5g each time is enough, otherwise too thick will affect the overall texture of the tea. Tea friends can also control the ratio of tea to 1:22 according to the different sizes of the tea set.
For brewing Jin Junmei, you can use the circle water injection method, that is, the circle water injection method can be used along the bowl wall.
4.Shaving foam
Use the lid to gently scrape the floating white foam to make Jinjunmei Tea Soup fresh and clean;
5.Pour tea
After the first injection of water, leave it in the cup for about 45 seconds, and then make a soup drink (the amount of water before brewing can be reserved in the cup to make each tea soup taste even). Circuits are poured into juxtaposed tea cups. Tea friends can make 3-8 times of repeated soaking according to their personal taste habits. The authentic Jin Junmei adopts scientific brewing method for 10 brews without problem, and the sweetness of the tea soup is still.
6. Order tea
When Jin Junmei tea is poured to a small amount, drop it evenly into the tea cups little by little;
7, watch tea
Enjoy the fragrance of the fragrance of Jin Junmei tea when brewed, and enjoy the graceful posture of Jin Junmei's buds stretching in the water.
8, tea
Take advantage of the hot fine scent, first smell the fragrance of Jin Junmei tea, then taste the taste of Jin Junmei tea soup, smell it while sipping, and drink lightly. Although the amount of drink is not much, it can keep the scent of the teeth and cheeks, return to the bottom of the throat, and feel relaxed and happy.
How to make Wuyishan black tea?
The above is the basic brewing method of Wuyishan Black Tea, which represents Masayama Kobayashi and Jin Junmei. How to brew and how many brews can be made according to the taste of the tea lover and the strength of the tea.
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