What brand of Jin Junmei is better? Inventory the major brands of Jin Junmei!

As we all know, Jin Junmei is the new rich in black tea. After the Pu'er tea became hot in 2007, this Jin Junmei, which appeared in 2005, also quietly warmed up. In addition to various marketing and publicity, "Jin Junmei" quickly entered the public's attention and got a lot of people's likes. Of course, along with it, Jin Junmei's brand became more and more, so we will Get up and see which one of Jin Junmei's brands is better!
What brand of Jin Junmei is better? Inventory the major brands of Jin Junmei!
Jin Junmei's brand
1. Questions
Anxi Tiyu Tea Co., Ltd. is an enterprise mainly engaged in food business. The company is located in Quanzhou, Fujian and mainly deals in Tieguanyin tea and other products.
2. Royal Dragon Pavilion
7 years of franchise operation experience in the tea industry, the successful operation of more than 250 specialty stores, 7 years of exploration and summary, for the tea franchise chain, advanced operation mode and mature operation management system have injected a winning agent into the terminal! To date, Yulongge Tea has more than 250 chain stores in China and is located in more than 100 different provinces and cities across the country.
3, spring
Richun Co., Ltd. originated from the hometown of Tieguanyin, Xiping Town, Anxi. It is a large-scale professional leading enterprise integrating tea base construction, tea, tea set, tea food development, production and sales. Its source can be traced back to Qianlong Wang Shirang discovered Tieguanyin.
4. Mountain Country Drinking Arts
Shanguo Yiyi Tea Industry Co., Ltd. is a modern tea company developed from a number of tea processing plants and tea garden bases. It is a professional tea company integrating oolong tea production, processing, sales, scientific research, and culture. The tradition of “diligence, honesty, simplicity and solidity”, while continuously improving the tea making technology and quality, has always taken the promotion of Chinese tea culture as its own responsibility. Brand.
5.Zhang Yiyuan
Zhang Yiyuan Tea House, the predecessor of Beijing Zhang Yiyuan Tea Co., Ltd., is a well-known old city in Beijing. It was founded in the Qing Dynasty of Guangxu for 26 years and has a history of more than 100 years. Zhang Yiyuan was identified as "China's time-honored brand" and "China's first brand of tea", Zhang Yiyuan's trademark was identified as "China's Well-known Trademark", and Zhang Yiyuan's jasmine tea making technique was included in the national intangible cultural heritage protection project.
What brand of Jin Junmei is better? Inventory the major brands of Jin Junmei!
Anxi Qiyuanxiang Tea Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Anxi, the birthplace of Tieguanyin. Since its establishment in 2009, it has insisted on expanding the market with quality, promoting sales with services, and branding with culture. It has developed into a modern enterprise integrating tea plantation, processing, marketing and tea technology research, tea culture communication and e-commerce sales. And become one of the leading enterprises to drive the development of local tea e-commerce!
7, Fengshan tea
Anzhen Tea Fragrant Direct Sales Network is located in the most prosperous Chinese tea capital. Anxi is uniquely endowed with superior location, convenient transportation, and businessmen gathered to gather business people around the world. Anxi Oolong Tea Tieguanyin has a long history. The ups and downs, with its unique quality, have become the best in tea. The company has taken the road of development of green food companies and organic tea garden production bases, and has entered the vast domestic market.
8. Shangke Tea
It is a comprehensive e-commerce tea company combining planting, scientific research, production, processing and sales with a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. The company was born in today's popular Internet era and officially went online in 2009.
9.Tianfu Tea
Tianfu is a tea professional company founded in 1993 in Mainland China by Mr. Li Ruihe, the world's tea king. Tianfu tea, which has been cultivated for dozens of years in the mainland, has become a comprehensive tea industry brand integrating tea processing, sales, scientific research, culture, and tourism.
What brand of Jin Junmei is better? Inventory the major brands of Jin Junmei!
Jin Junmei's Grade Standard
1.High-grade Jin Junmei
Jinjunmei black tea has a high content of tea buds, small leaf species of black tea is thin and firm, large leaf species of black tea is strong and firm, and its color is dark and shiny, and there are more golden hair on the tea sticks.
Cool, high-grade Jin Junmei black tea brewed red soup, the bowl wall and tea soup contact with a circle of golden yellow, commonly known as "golden circle."
2, mid-range Jin Junmei
Jinjunmei's black tea has a small amount of buds, a slightly shiny black color, slightly golden hair, a slightly sweet aroma, a sweet and light flavor, a bright red soup, and a yellowish gold ring.
3, low-grade Jin Junmei
The tea buds are few, and the leaves are mainly mature. The strips are loose and light. The color is slightly withered, lacking luster, no golden scent, coarse aroma and flat taste.
What brand of Jin Junmei is better? Inventory the major brands of Jin Junmei!
The above are the current brands of Jin Junmei. Of course, in addition to the above brands, there are more Jin Junmei brands, but if you want to ask which brand is better, I can only say the best. In your own mind, the brand that suits you is the best brand!

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