Why is black tea called black tea in English? What's the black tea called in English?

I always thought that black tea was called "redtea". It was really a joke. Black tea should be called "blacktea" and black tea was called "blacktea". What is black tea called?
Why is black tea English black tea? After reading, you will know!
Why is black tea called "blacktea"
One way of saying this translation of black tea is that during the processing of black tea, the color of tea leaves became darker and gradually turned black, hence the name Black tea. I do n’t agree with this statement. In addition to the color of Qimen black tea, Urum (commonly known as Baoguang), Assam is dark brown, and Darjeeling black tea is available in turquoise and golden yellow. Auburn.
Another way of saying it is because the Wuyi black tea, which was acquired in Xiamen when the British imported tea from Fujian in the 17th century, was called the Black tea. I agree with this statement.
There is also a saying that because Westerners pay more attention to the color of tea, they call it "Black", while Chinese pay more attention to the color of tea soup, so they call it "Red". Disagree, for the same reason.
Why is black tea English black tea? After reading, you will know!
Of course, there is also a joke that it was ancient Chinese black tea that took more than a year's sea voyage to reach the United Kingdom, and black tea was fermented automatically during sea drifting, and the tea had become darker when it arrived in the UK, so it was called Black Tea.
But if everyone thinks that "black tea" in the world is "BlackTea" in English, then it may be a joke again. Because there is indeed a tea in the world called "RedTea" in English, the Chinese translation is "red tea". Let's see what RedTea is.
"RedTea" refers to "Rooibos" tea, which comes from a wild plant that grows in South Africa and is completely different from tea trees, so it is not real tea. Rooibos (pronounced RoyBoss) is Afrikaans slang. Its Dutch original meaning is "red bush". There are not many introductions of this kind of tea in China. Generally speaking, "Rooibos" tea is directly translated into "Ruyi Persian Tea", "Roybos Tea", or "Doctor Tea" for short.
Rooibos tea is red after brewing, but it tastes different from tea, it is sweet and a bit fruity. Although Rooibos tea has been promoted as a new type of healthy drink in recent years, it has not gained popularity so far.
Why is black tea English black tea? After reading, you will know!
What is black tea in English?
The correct translation is darktea. Some people also call blacktea bricktea. Chinese black tea has a long history. The mandala ringtones left by the Tea Horse Road still reverberate, but DarkTea eclipses it. Dark adjective, which means dark, black (color) deep; (skin, etc.) slightly dark, gloomy, gloomy. Then, black tea should not be understood as dark, unclean tea. Black tea is unique to China, and because of its time significance, from the perspective of tasting, the older it becomes, the more fragrant it becomes, and from the perspective of collection, the more it becomes more valuable, it has great development advantages and potential. Maybe just one Dark can affect the international market of black tea.
Why is black tea English black tea? After reading, you will know!
Therefore, "black tea" in Chinese is "BlackTea" in English, which means "black tea". The "RedTea" in English is actually "Rooibos tea". Although it can be said to be "black tea", it is by no means true tea!
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