Tips for drinking tea in winter

In December, the weather became day-to-day, and the days when people were indoors, roasting fires and talking about tea in the sky became the most pleasant activity in this season. However, there are a lot of things to avoid when drinking tea in winter. I do n’t know if they have heard of it. Let ’s take a look:

Benefits of drinking tea in winter
In autumn and winter, the most obvious change in the human body is to feel better, and to eat a lot in the season when the temperature drops sharply. This is a kind of instinct for humans as a constant temperature animal. At this time, the burden on the stomach becomes extraordinarily heavy, and tea consumption will become a new means of health in winter. The rich caffeine and theophylline in Pu'ersheng tea can stimulate gastric acid secretion and promote gastric motility. At the same time, it can also invigorate our spirit very well, let us have a vigorous vitality and eliminate tiredness.
It's especially easy to get angry in this season. When the liver fire is strong, you will feel irritable, dizzy, and irritable; when the stomach fire is strong, symptoms such as dry mouth, bitter mouth, bad breath, etc .; when the kidney fire is strong, low fever, night sweats, tinnitus and sore legs will appear. At this time, it is necessary to drink plenty of water, and the cold and cool properties of Pu'ersheng tea are suitable for most people who get angry, especially to improve the bitter and bad breath when the stomach fire is strong. It can be said that drinking a tea full of Pu'ersheng tea in the morning will have a hint of sweetness in the mouth all morning, making people feel more comfortable.
In general terms, Pu'er's function is three links and one level, all of which are the airway (respiratory system), blood channel (circulatory system), and valley channel (excretion system). Ordinary is the three normal passages of the human body, and the internal function of the body is naturally balanced. It can be said that the various improvements brought by tea to the body are beyond the reach of drugs.
Taboos of winter tea drinking
Three kinds of people and tea missed-
One is that people who are weak should drink tea in moderation at this time, because tea not only removes gastrointestinal fats, but also diuretic, taking away a lot of body heat. Excessive drinking of tea will aggravate one's own weakness, but will cause a decline in resistance. At this time, we suggest that you can drink Pu'er cooked tea that has a better effect of nourishing the stomach and warming your body, and moderately adjust the body's fluid balance.
The second group is children. This season, due to the lack of outdoor sports, the body lacking sunlight is most vulnerable to calcium deficiency, and drinking tea is a taboo for calcium supplementation, so children are one of the most unsuitable for drinking tea in winter.
The third type of group is a group with weak neurological function. This group of people has a poor ability to adapt to changes in sunlight during seasonal changes. It is prone to insomnia at night and extra sleepiness during the day. Therefore, caffeine and other components in tea will aggravate its insomnia. Dreamy situation, so tea is not recommended.
Three taboos for tea drinking-
One is the old- fashioned taboo of drinking tea before bedtime; the second is not to drink tea before meals, and drinking tea on an empty stomach before meals in winter is particularly prone to symptoms of hypoglycemia. At this time, drinking tea not only warms up, but also dizziness, cold hands and feet , Even the situation of blurred vision, great damage to the body! Third, you should not drink tea the first time after a meal. Don't look at the strong digestive power of tea, but one hour after a meal is the period when a large amount of gastric acid is secreted. At this time, the dilution effect of tea on it will affect the normal digestion of food, so Not good for your health.
In two cases, it is not appropriate to drink tea-
The first case is not to drink tea while taking the medicine. The number of people who have a cold and fever in autumn and winter will increase. Many pharmaceutical ingredients will react with tannic acid and other substances in tea, and then lose their efficacy. Therefore, you should try to control your tea addiction during medication. it is good.
The second situation is not to drink tea after drinking. Many people say that drinking tea can hang out. In fact, many scientific experiments have confirmed that this statement has no basis. The hangover depends on the alcohol dehydrogenase and alcohol provided by itself. Not only can acetaldehyde dehydrogenase and other substances not hangover, but it will also increase the burden on the heart and cause a certain degree of damage to the heart and brain blood vessels!
When the tea scented, the gloomy December seemed to become warm and cozy in the boiling sound of hot water. However, the precautions for drinking tea in winter can never be forgotten, and forward these "exquisite" to friends who drink tea around.
Editor-in- chief : yunhong
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