Benefits and precautions of drinking Pu'er tea

Pu'er tea has always been loved by the majority of female compatriots. First, Pu'er tea is mild and warms the stomach without hurting the stomach. Second, Pu'er tea can lower blood lipids. Third, blood lipids can naturally bring weight loss. In addition, traditional Chinese medicine also believes that Pu'er tea has the effects of clearing heat, reducing heat, detoxifying, digesting, removing tiredness, diuretic, laxative, expectorant, expelling wind, relieving cough, relieving cough, replenishing qi, improving qi, and prolonging life. Pu'er tea is one of our common teas. Many people like to drink Pu'er tea. Although Pu'er tea is good, it's not without any idea. So what are the benefits and precautions of drinking Pu'er tea?
Benefits of drinking Pu'er tea:
Benefits and precautions of drinking Pu'er tea
1.Pu'er tea can clear blood
Due to the improvement of quality of life, excess nutrition, and lack of exercise, cholesterol can easily accumulate in the blood vessel wall and cause stroke. Pu'er tea contains antamine ingredients equivalent to suppressing the increase in blood pressure, which can neutralize blood fat and produce blood purification effect. Tea is also rich in chlorophyll, which can prevent the body from absorbing cholesterol, and can further help digest cholesterol. If you can drink it, it can expel animal fats, increase the healthy blood circulation, and promote metabolism. Rural people in Banna, the generation of tea pots do not leave their hands, drink all Puer tea hand- cooked green tea , and in rural areas, there are very few cases of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
2. Lowering lipid and blood pressure, anti-arteriosclerosis
Lipid-lowering, also known as hypolipidemic, refers to reducing the cholesterol content in the blood and preventing and controlling hyperlipidemia. Because obesity is often accompanied by an increase in cholesterol, the weight loss effect of tea is also effective in reducing fat. Tea polyphenols in tea can not only remove fat, but also significantly inhibit the increase of cholesterol content in plasma and liver, and inhibit arterial wall sclerosis. Studies have shown that tea pigment has significant effects such as anti-hemagglutination, promoting fibrinolysis, preventing platelet adhesion and focusing, and inhibiting arterial smooth muscle cell proliferation.
Tea polyphenols, vitamin c and vitamin P contained in tea are all effective ingredients for the prevention and treatment of hypertension. Drinking Pu'er tea can make people's vasodilation, blood pressure drop, heart rate slow and blood flow in the brain reduced, and it has good effects on hypertension and cerebral arteriosclerosis in the elderly. Pu'er tea can reduce total plasma cholesterol, triglycerides and free fatty acids, reduce the phenomenon of cholesterol fatty liver and increase the elimination of cholesterol, and can also slightly inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver. The special Ottoman process in Pu'er tea makes brass substances exist in the form of brassin, which has the effect of vitamin P and is also an effective substance to prevent vascular sclerosis.
3. Pu'er tea is mild and does not hurt the stomach
Aged tea , the tea nature gradually becomes mild and starts to be comparable to cooked tea. Cooked tea has a mild tea nature, and it is very effective for people with a bad stomach.
But Pu'er, like other teas, also needs to pay attention to. Here is a detailed explanation of the tea taboos of Pu'er tea. Always pay attention to healthier tea drinking.
Benefits and precautions of drinking Pu'er tea
4. Pu'er tea prevents coronary heart disease
According to statistical data, the incidence of coronary heart disease without drinking tea was 3.1%, and occasionally drinking tea dropped to 2.3%, and those who drank tea regularly (more than 3 years) were only 1.4%. In addition, the exacerbation of coronary heart disease is related to insufficient coronary blood supply and thrombosis. The catechins in tea polyphenols and the tea polyphenols continuously oxidized to form tea pigments during the decoction process. In vitro tests in animals have shown significant effects of corning, promoting fibrinolysis, and antithrombosis.
5, Pu'er tea anti-aging
The oxidation of lipids in the human body has proven to be one of the mechanisms of human aging. The use of compounds with antioxidant effects, such as vitamins C and E, can delay aging, and tea polyphenols also play an important role. According to Japanese scholars' research, vitamin E, which has been used to fight aging, has an antioxidant effect of only 4%, while green tea is rich in tea polyphenols, and its antioxidant effect is higher than 74%. In addition, the amino acids and trace elements of tea also have certain anti-aging effects.
6. The tea polyphenols contained in Pu'er tea can effectively remove greasy, can promote the metabolism of the human body, and is beneficial to the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines, so that the lipid compounds in the body can be discharged.
7, can effectively reduce the content of cholesterol in the blood, hinder the body's digestion and absorption of cholesterol, help the body to remove cholesterol from the body, and help the body's health.
Taboos of drinking Pu'er tea:
Benefits and precautions of drinking Pu'er tea
01. It is not advisable to drink strong Pu'er tea on an empty stomach. It is advisable to drink it from time to time, saying, "Fasting tea makes you feel sleepy for late tea." Drinking tea on an empty stomach will dilute stomach acid, inhibit gastric secretion, hinder digestion, and even cause "drunk tea" such as palpitations, headaches, upset stomach, dazzling, and upset, and affect protein absorption.
02. Pu'er tea can be drunk as you drink. After drinking Pu'er tea for a long time, harmful substances such as heavy metals will be precipitated in the tea. A large amount of tea polyphenols will be oxidized, which will make the tea muddy and reduce health effects. In addition, the Pu'er tea in the insulated cup should not be used often, and the Pu'er tea should not be consumed overnight.
03. The Pu'er tea just made should not be drunk. From a nutritional point of view, the new Pu'er tea just made has not been placed for a period of time, the nutrients have not been oxidized, and some elderly patients with gastric acid deficiency and chronic gastric ulcers have been for a long time. Drinking may cause adverse reactions.
04. It is very important to keep the tea set clean. Drinking Pu'er tea and forgetting to wash the cup. Some people who often drink Pu'er tea like a thick layer of "tea stain" in the cup. They think that brewing Pu'er tea is more flavorful. In fact, tea scale is extremely detrimental to human health. It contains a variety of heavy metal substances that are brought into the body when drinking tea, hindering the absorption of nutrients, and also contain certain carcinogens. Therefore, the tea scale on the inner wall of Pu'er tea wares should be cleaned in time to prevent it. Harm to health.
05. Pu'er tea is forbidden to drink for a long time, and it is not advisable to drink Pu'er tea intermittently with constant flow of water, which should not be interrupted, otherwise, it will be difficult to achieve a healthy health effect. The ancient famous doctor Hua Yan put forward the argument of "Bitterness for a long time, good thinking" in "On Food".
06, Pu'er tea should be warm, not hot, cold drink "light tea warm drink to protect the age", the temperature of drinking Pu'er tea is 25 ~ 50 degrees, it should not exceed 60 degrees. Frequent drinking of cold Pu'er tea will have side effects on the mouth, throat, and stomach of people, especially those with poor spleen and stomach. Therefore, warm drinks are recommended to promote health.
Benefits and precautions of drinking Pu'er tea
07. Pu'er tea is contraindicated for light drinking, and it is not suitable to drink it for a long time. Drinking too strong Pu'er tea for a long time will make the body's metabolism dysfunction, weaken the gastrointestinal absorption of iron in food and cause anemia or vitamin B deficiency.
08. Avoid drinking a lot of Pu'er tea before and after meals. Drinking a lot of Pu'er tea before meals will dilute saliva and affect food digestion. Drink from time to time after meals, not blindly. It is best to leave one hour before and after meals to truly achieve the best effect of health care.
09, drinking Pu'er tea before going to bed moderately 2 hours before going to bed, it is best not to drink Pu'er tea ( raw tea ), which will cause mental excitement, affect sleep, and even insomnia. However, you can drink mild cooked tea in small quantities.
10. Avoid drinking inferior tea or spoiled tea. Preserving Pu'er tea should pay attention to the environment and avoid absorbing odor, otherwise it is easy to absorb moisture and mold. The spoiled tea contains a lot of harmful substances and bacteria.
11. Avoid Puerh tea with too many brewing times. Puerh tea with too many brewing times will immerse some trace substances harmful to health in the tea soup, which is not good for health.
12. Use the cooking method with caution. Due to long-term high-temperature boiling, the tea polyphenols retained in Pu'er tea are reduced by oxidation, vitamins are destroyed, and substances that are difficult to dissolve in water (such as heavy metals, agricultural residues, etc.), Therefore, cooking method is not healthy from a scientific perspective.
Benefits and precautions of drinking Pu'er tea
Pu'er tea is a popular beverage. Except for some special people and women who are not suitable for drinking tea in the special period, the general population is suitable for drinking Pu'er tea. Pu'er tea can help digestion and absorption for young children and promote body growth. Fluorine in tea can prevent dental caries, etc., and Pu'er tea can regulate the nervous system and allow children to increase their attention. The bulimia and partial eclipse of adolescents will make certain nutrients lack. Such as zinc deficiency may lead to short stature, manganese deficiency will affect bone growth and cause deformities. Tea soup is rich in minerals necessary for growth and metabolism. Drinking Pu'er tea in moderation can relieve intestinal tension, strengthen small intestine movement, and increase bile and intestinal fluid secretion.
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