Pu'er tea health, but also pay attention to methods, especially the way of drinking tea

Many people drink Pu'er tea, and they are not pursuing the taste of Pu'er tea, but the health effect. In most eyes, drinking tea for health is important to drink, as long as you drink the tea into your stomach, it is healthy, but it is really wrong.
When drinking Pu'er tea, if it is not done properly, it will also easily affect physical health. Here are three very inappropriate ways to drink tea.
Hot tea should not be drunk
Many people drink tea like cow's drink. Pu'er tea can be drunk, but it must be cool Pu'er tea.
The reason is that a large amount of hot tea can easily cause damage to the esophagus. If long-term drinking of Pu'er tea with water temperature exceeding 60 degrees Celsius may trigger esophageal cancer. Because hot water above 60 degrees is considered a carcinogen, tea is no exception.
Tea soup should not be too strong
Drink tea for your health, not as much as possible. I've seen many people who use Pu'er tea as a health supplement, when making Pu'er tea, it is like making jasmine tea.
Put a large piece at a time, and when the tea leaves are brewing , the tea soup color of the raw tea is almost comparable to that of black tea, and the cooked tea is the black and black soy sauce soup. People who drink it drink tea like medicine, and some people will stick out their tongues because the tea soup is too astringent.
Drinking tea is simply a form of torture. Drinking such tea is not good for the body.
The burden of too strong tea on the kidney is very large, and not one or two people suffer from kidney stones because of drinking strong tea. Although Pu'er tea has excellent health effects, it is poisonous when it is too thick.
Don't touch inferior tea
What is inferior tea? Many tea makers think that tea with bad taste is inferior tea. In fact, with the tea merchants, only products that fail the pesticide residue testing and the products that fail the product hygiene are regarded as inferior tea.
Tea with high agricultural residues is harmful to the body without benefit. As for the unqualified product hygiene, it means that the product uses harmful ingredients such as aflatoxin. Don't mention this kind of tea for health, you really can't touch it.
Editor-in-chief: Shuifangzi
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