What are the contraindications to drinking Pu'er tea?

Pu'ersheng tea is the love of many tea friends, but there are many precautions for drinking Pu'ersheng tea . Be sure to pay attention:
1, Pu'er tea is cold, so people with low blood pressure and blood sugar are not suitable to drink Pu'er tea.
2, if your stomach is not good, cold stomach, etc., it is best not to drink tea on an empty stomach, it is best not to drink Pu'er raw tea, Pu'er cooked tea is warm, so people with poor stomachs should drink cooked tea.
3. In addition, people who are more sensitive to tea and suffer from insomnia after drinking tea should not choose to drink Pu'er raw tea. Such people should choose Pu'er mature tea that does not affect sleep.
4. People with bad kidneys must drink tea in moderation, avoid strong tea, overnight tea, and do not drink tea during medication. People with severe arteriosclerosis, hypertension, ulcers, fever patients should not drink tea. Women's menstruation, pregnancy Should not drink tea.
Drinking tea is a practice and a discipline. To condition your body by drinking tea, you must first learn some knowledge about the health of tea. If you have a “tea” problem, you can drink more tea with less effort!
Editor-in-chief: Shuifangzi
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