Who is not suitable to drink orange tea

Orange Puer Tea is selected from Xinhui Orange Peel with the reputation of “Millennium Ginseng and Centennial Peel,” and Yunnan aged Puer which is known as the top weight-losser in tea. It is processed by special process without any additives. , Shugan Runfei, eliminate product stagnation, rich in vitamins, drinking a lot of benefits to the body, is a healthy tea. However, although orange tea is good, not everyone is suitable for drinking, and there are also taboo people. So, who is not suitable for drinking orange tea? Let ’s take a look together.
Who is not suitable to drink orange tea
Who is not suitable for drinking orange tea?
Pregnant women, people with physical illnesses, women who have menstruation and people with poor constitutions, etc., infants and young children should not drink tea too soon.
Who is suitable for drinking orange tea?
1, bad stomach
Irregular diet is the habit of most modern people, and it also causes a lot of gastrointestinal problems. Pu'er cooked tea warms the stomach, Chenpi Jianpi warms the stomach, and the combination of the two complements each other.
2. Obese people
Mandarin tea can not only lose weight, but also regulate gastrointestinal and spleen qi. Pu'er tea can lubricate the intestines, tanned skin can strengthen the spleen and protect the stomach, long-term drinking can reduce fat and pressure, clear blood vessels and promote blood circulation.
3. Social drinking
Talking about business at the dining table is a tradition that has been going on for several years. The mandarin orange tea can hangover, warm the stomach and protect the stomach. People with frequent entertainment can drink it for a long time.
Who is not suitable to drink orange tea
4. Office workers
For more than eight hours a day, the metabolism ability of office workers facing the computer decreased, and the long-term radiation of the skin was dull. Citrus Pu'er Tea is blended with Chen Pei and Pu'er Tea. The carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin P contained in Chen Pei, Pu'er Tea is rich in tea polyphenols and trace elements. The combination of the two can effectively prevent radiation and anti-aging.
Everyone knows that smoking is harmful to your health and you can't quit it. Citrus tea is a health tea that can warm your stomach and prevent cancer. Drinking it as warm as spring for a long time.
6, haze victims
Haze is a combination of fog and haze, which causes the air quality to decline, which affects human health. In particular, it will cause damage to the respiratory system and cardiovascular system. Citrus tea contains the pharmacological functions of tea substances and tangerine peels, which can nourish the lungs, promote qi, and prevent arteriosclerosis. In haze weather, often drinking citrus tea can reduce the damage of haze to the body.
In general, orange tea has mild mellow alcohol, suitable for all ages, and is especially suitable for the elderly and the elderly. It is the best tea to honor the elders. Long-term smokers, long-term computer users, health-conscious elderly, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, patients with hypertension, and obese people drink better.
Who is not suitable to drink orange tea
The main effect of orange tea
Orange Pu-erh tea mainly combines the efficacy characteristics of Chen Pei and cooked Pu-erh tea.
Health function: in the spleen, spleen, dryness, phlegm, cough, powder, diarrhea, temperature, tonic, reconcile, regulate spleen and fasten, pass five leaching, relieve liver and lungs, and eliminate product Stagnation, should pass through the five internal organs, cure alcohol sickness.
Pu'er tea is mild in nature, warms the stomach and does not hurt the stomach. Pu'er tea can refresh the body, quench thirst, relieve heat, detoxify, and defecate. It is especially suitable for women who suffer from constipation. With Pu'er tea, it can regulate the stomach and restore normal functions. Completely solve the problem of acne caused by constipation and the bad breath of "lady killer"; you can get rid of dull complexion. One of the biggest effects of Pu'er tea is that it can reduce blood lipid content and relax blood vessels, thereby accelerating blood circulation, solving dull skin tone and various annoying spots caused by poor blood and qi; it can slim skin and tighten skin. Pu'er tea weight loss , lipid reduction , prevention and treatment of arteriosclerosis, prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease, antihypertensive, anti-aging, anti-cancer, hypoglycemic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, reducing smoke poison, reducing heavy metal poison, anti-radiation, exciting central nervous system, diuretic, anti-caries , Eyesight, digestion, anti-toxic, sterilization, prevention of constipation, hangover and other, some effects are related to Chinese medicine, such as exciting the central nervous system and sleep less, diuretic and detoxification. It can also help digestion and effectively stimulate the human body's metabolism to accelerate the decomposition of belly fat.
Who is not suitable to drink orange tea
That's it for this article. You can often drink orange tea in moderation in your life, but you can't drink too much. In addition, it is best to choose reasonably according to your own situation before drinking orange tea, and it is best not to drink tea if you are not in good health.
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