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Tianci Shenyun Soft and Elegant Honey | Chinese Tea Yiwu Ancient Tree Pu'er Tea (Raw Tea)

It contains the original fragrance of nature, the tea soup is sweet and pure, and the fragrance is high, just like Muchunye, it makes people feel cheerful and happy.
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Chinese tea Pu'er Lunar New Year's Zodiac cake products are on the market, and it is expected to arrive after New Year's Day!

In 2016, the Chinese New Year of the Monkey Bingshen, the monkey, and the auspicious things, but also because of the "monkey" and the homophonic "Hou", was given the "Best Generation Hou" wish. 2015 is about to pass. China Tea Pu'er specially launched the 2016 Lunar Calendar Bingshen Year of the Monkey Zodiac Cake series products. I wish you all auspicious tea friends, good luck, good life, and good luck in 2016! Chinese Tea Pu'er 2016 Lunar New Year's Monkey Zodiac Cake Series In addition to 357 grams of regular tea cakes cooked in one lifetime, Chinese tea Pu'er also specially created 888 grams of Chinese zodiac cakes, I wish you all friends in the year of the monkey! 1. 2016 Year of the Monkey Zodiac Cake 888 grams of big monkey cake raw tea shape is beautiful and white, the fragrance is striking ...
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2015 Chinese Tea Zhenpin Blue India Pu'er Tea Raw Tea Arrives

2015 Chinese Tea Zhenpin Blue Print Pu'er Tea Raw Tea Arrived In 2015, the Chinese tea "Zhenpin Blue Seal" was named as the Chinese tea brand Alpine Arbor Round Tea Zhenpin Blue Seal (Pu'er Tea Raw Tea), following the "Big Red" After "India" became popular all over the country, China Tea Pu'er is another star product of classic heritage series. "Zhenpin Blue Seal" is selected from the Tropic of Cancer Tropics within 3 degrees of the biological eugenic zone of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China. The high-altitude Yunnan large-leaf tree arboreal tea of more than 1,700 meters in Erhai Lake is processed by the traditional tanning process. , Professional and careful mix and match, pure hand stone mold suppression. The cake is round and full, the cake noodles are tightly knotted and moist, the fat is tender and tender, rich in honey and rich floral fragrance, and the soup is golden and translucent ...
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[New Chinese Tea Products] 2015 Yiwu Zhengshan Ancient Tree Discus Bulk Arrival

In 2015, Chinese tea Yiwu Zhengshan ancient tree Kunming discus arrived in batches. Wholesale contact phone: 0871-63321321 Product introduction: According to the "Pu'er Manchu" records, in the nine years of the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, Pu'er tea was officially included in the "tribute tea manual" by the court. After the Emperor Daoguang drank the tribute tea from Yiwu, Longxin was pleased and praised the tea: "Tang Qing alcohol, Wei Hou, Hui Gan Jiu, Qin Xin spleen, Nai Rui Pin also." Yiwu Chashan is located in the north of Mengla County, east of the ancient six major tea mountains, and covers an area of about 750 square kilometers. It is the largest tea mountain among the six major tea mountains. The annual average temperature is 17.2 ° C, and the annual average precipitation is 1500-1900 mm. Tea Mountain in Yiwu area, high mountain fog, heavy land, ...
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2015 Chinese Tea Brand-Bandong Arbor Round Tea-357g Raw Tea

2015 China Tea Brand-Bangdong Arbor Round Tea-357g Raw Tea Bulk Arrival Wholesale Contact Phone: 0871-63321321 Product Introduction: Bangdong Township is located in the east of Linxiang District, Lincang City, Yunnan Province, about 64 kilometers from Lincang City. It is located at 100 ° 21 east longitude and 23 ° 56 ′ north latitude. It is across the river from Zhenyuan and Jingdong counties of Simao City in the east, borders with Dachao Shanxi Town in Yun County in the north, and borders Matai Township and Busan Street in the southwest. "Lin Cang Feng Wu Zhi Ming Cha Pian" records: "Lincang Yunnan Lincang large leaf tea native tea, produced in Bangdong Township Linxiang District, there are three types of wild, domesticated, introduced." Yunnan Bangdong domesticated tea is large leaf tea Also called long-leaf tea, the water extract is> 40%. Used for
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Zhongcha Junyin Fangyuan arrived in batches in 2015

Zhongcha Junyin Fangyuan arrived in batches in 2015 and can be wholesale in large quantities. Wholesale contact phone number: 0871-63321321 Product introduction: Yuan is the Chinese Taoist school's universal and time-honored knowledge; Fang is the ideal state of Chinese Confucianism: "Wise desire is the best way to achieve perfection." Fang is the essence of being a man; roundness is the way of life. The Chinese tea brand Fangyuanyuan Tea adhering to the Fangyuan way, seeking harmony and beauty of the "circle", insisting on the integrity of the "square", there is a circle outside the square, there is a square in the circle, and the square is in harmony with each other. This tea raw material is selected from the finest tea cyanine in Lincang, Yunnan and Xishuangbanna, processed by the traditional tanning process, and then autoclaved, shaped and dried. Net weight per cake ...
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In 2015, Chinese tea "Jixing" brand Xigui Arbor round tea arrived in batches

In 2015, a large number of Chinese tea "Jixing" brand Xigui arbor round teas arrived in large quantities. Wholesale contact phone: 0871-63321321 Product introduction: Xigui is produced in the busy mountain of Xigui Village, Bangdong Township, Linxiang District, Lincang City, Yunnan Province. The ancient tea gardens are mostly distributed in the mid-mountain area, with an elevation of 730 to 970 meters. Tea-based, mixed in the forest, the ancient tea tree is about 200 years old and covers an area of 335 acres. The Records of Maine County in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China recorded: "About six or seven thousand tea growers are in the county, and the wild deer in Bangdong Township (now called Busan Lu) and the tin gauge (now known as Xigui) are especially written. The tea tastes better than other tea-producing areas. " The ancient tea garden of Xigui belongs to traditional picking (only spring and autumn), the tea tree grows naturally, and the branches ...
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Dianhong Group Phoenix Classic 58 380 g

Dianhong Group Phoenix Classic 58 380 g