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1201 Rock Rhyme: The fragrance is outstanding and the oral impact is first-rate

1201 Yanyun, the disassembled string is relatively complete. It can be seen that the pressing of this tea cake is not very compact. Weigh 7.5 grams of tea, cover the bowl, and start to drink.
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Suspected underestimation? 401 Yiwu Zhengshan Soup Soup

1401 I like the floral fragrance of Yiwu Zhengshan. The tea is very smooth and sweet, and there are corresponding changes in the oral cavity. The 5th and 6th bubbles are really a little Yiwu.
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2003 Jin Dayi and 2003 Yin Dayi Opening Soup Tasting

What are the differences between Jin Dayi and Yin Dayi in 2003? Among them, Jin Dayi and Yin Dayi, which are collectively called "Gold and Silver Dayi", have become the two star sister teas of the state-owned Erhai Tea Factory!
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Zigui——Yongde Ziyu Ancient Tree Series Tasting

Tea name: Zigui Shengpu, raw materials: 300-year-old wild tree pure material, mixed buds and leaves. Origin purity: 2000 meters above sea level, Yongde area. Tea trees grow at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters, and the trees are more than 300 years old. This place is remote, sparsely populated, and has an excellent ecological environment. The tea leaves are clean and the buds and leaves are thick and full.
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Top Tea [One Pick] Tasting: Please "tea" receive this unexpected feedback

Drinking officers are too talented! Not only the pictures are exquisite, but also the copywriting.
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Six Great Tea Mountains [Erhai Tea Tasting Fair] There is a tea country in the southwest, and the sea of clouds is shining

The same tea, different years, the same production process, storage environment, altitude and climate, etc., the difference in taste and taste, which shows the weight of time, the precipitation of time is important.
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[Chinese Tea Six Mountains Tasting Party] Fengqing Opening Memorial Tea, looking forward to another 13 years

Opening the soup tasting of this set of commemorative teas again, we experience the charm of Pu'er tea given by time. Each cup is quiet and full of memories; each cup also has new dreams and new expectations. We all look forward to the next 13 years ...
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What is "Back to Gan"? Why can tea soup be bitter?

In fact, the bitterness of tea is not all bad. Whether it is good tea depends on whether it can return to sweet after suffering. "The quality of tea cannot be judged blindly from whether the tea soup returns to sweetness. Different teas have different tastes due to the different types, contents, and proportions of flavor components."
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The triple realm of drinking Pu'er tea

Pu'er tea has always been of high value. Nowadays, more and more tea friends have joined the Pu'er tea tasting army, so this is the triple realm of tasting Pu'er tea. Which one have you reached?
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Tasting | Beautiful floral fragrance, slightly drunk sweet

Tasting at the mouth, raw tea has a slightly smoky flavor, nectar fragrance, and slightly astringent, but it is long lasting. The cooked tea is woody and fragrant. It has a rice soup feeling and is smooth and sweet. Overall, both teas are relatively clean and easy to access.