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Shuang Chen's new product "Mice to offer Swiss", online live broadcast on February 14

Yushu Xianrui, the second tea product in the double-Chen Zodiac series, will be available online on February 14th through the online shopping platform. Shuang Chenjun here invites tea friends from all over the country to participate, watch and buy while interacting, and witness the listing of Yushu Xianrui together.
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Hundred Years of New Products, Fu Yuanchang, 15 Years of Time Warehouse 753

The raw materials are selected from the original ancient tree tea in Xishuangbanna tea area and stored in the original place of Xishuangbanna for more than 10 years. It presents the beauty of Yu Fusheng Fu Yuanchang's raw materials selection, the beauty of ancient craftsmanship, the beauty of mountain aging, the beauty of origin storage, and reproduces the style of "Puer Tea King".
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Bafang Tea Garden 2019 Yue Chen Yue Xiang officially launched!

Nine years of companionship, as expected-Bafang Tea Garden 2019 Yuechen Yuexiang is officially listed!
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Bafang Tea Garden Guochao Gift Box is officially listed! Good tea with good gifts

Bafang Tea Garden Guochao Gift Box is officially listed! Good tea with good gifts
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Fuyuan No. 2020 [Gedeng Ancient Tea Mountain] will be listed on January 10!

Fuyuan No. 2020 Gedeng Ancient Tea Mountain Collection "Garden Ancient Tea Mountain" series, "Garden Ancient Tea Mountain", made from Yunnan Gedeng ancient tea mountain large leaf sun-dried green tea as raw material, combined with Fuyuan's more than ten years of preparation experience The softness is strong, the floral fragrance is obvious, the aroma is high, the bitterness is weak, the sweetness is returned, and the fragrance at the bottom of the cup is high.
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Zhongcha 7581 goes on sale in 2019: inheriting classics and writing new ones

Yunnan Pu'er Tea Brick (70th Anniversary Remembrance) -7581 Pu'er Tea (Cooked Tea) The bricks are regular, the brick noodles are tightly knotted, the color is reddish brown and oily, the soup is red and bright, the fragrant is rich, and the taste is delicate , The taste is sweet and mellow, long and full of aging.
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Laoshan Imaging 2020 Golden Rat blessing listed: Twelve-year-old mind, you must not

[Golden Rat Blessing] As a sealed product of Laoshan Image, it is the earliest zodiac commemorative tea on the market. It is scarce and irreproducible; gift boxes are sold nationwide in limited quantities, and each set has a unique collection code.
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Old comrades' new products, double-clear cooked cakes on the market

Shuangqing mentality in 2019——Purple tea, an ancient tree with large leaves in Yunnan, is used as the raw material. It is a collection of Chinese Pu'er tea lifetime achievement master Mr. Zou Bingliang, which is a masterpiece of fermentation and blending skills.
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Run Yuanchang's nine-year Chen Banzhang single blister comes on the market and tastes the crown of time

The nine-year-old Chen Banzhang Dan bubble pack is made from the spring tea ingredients of the 2010 Banzhang tea area. Banzhang tea of pure descent is full of vitality, strong and domineering, full of charm.
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Hongpu's new national gold CD hits the market: "CD" is the essence

This section [Guomen Gold CD] is made by mixing the old yellow leaves from the Guomen spring tea woolen materials of 2018 and 2019. The old yellow leaves of Pu'er tea can only be harvested on large ancient trees, but the small tree tea under centralized management will hardly have old yellow leaves.