Bishan Yingyuan Yuanpin 7581 Kaitang: Chen mellow, smooth and sweet

Kai Tang Yuan Pin 7581

Sweet, smooth and sweet

"Sit in a small building to listen to the wind, and the snow falls outside the window and flips through the book." Winter style, a rattan chair, a tea cloth, a hot tea, quite a bit of the mood of cooking the cold stove on the snow. Tea people convey their thoughts through tea, and the mellow and lubricious taste is accompanied by memories, which become clear and clear through time.

Traditional craftsmanship, classic sublimation

Yuanpin 7581 is a classic inheritance and continuation. It has selected high-quality fresh leaves from Cangyuan, rich in internal quality, and excellent quality. Teacher Tan Mei inherited traditional fermentation techniques and cooked tea style, and refined the formula with nearly 40 years of tea-making experience The richness of the soup and the fineness of the aroma and taste level are even higher.

Good tea and good gifts

The emotions that come to my heart need to be expressed accurately, maybe not enough words, but a beautiful tea ceremony can always bring a warm greeting. Tea fragrance, Laoshan Yingyuan Yuanpin 7581 gift box set, whether it is a gift to relatives and friends or your own collection is the best choice.

Open soup tasting, sweet and sticky

Brick-shaped square, regular steam nails, gold

The brick body is moderately tight, and the cables are tight and fat.


Tea dosage: 8g, water temperature 95 ℃

Wash the tea twice and make the soup instantly

1-3 bubbles: Tang-colored orange-brown is bright, scent of fragrant and ester is first displayed, tea fragrance is clean and has no strange odor, the taste is mellow, a thick and hard texture, adding a little thick waxy and silky.

4-6 bubbles: The soup color is reddish brown and bright, and the Chen Xiang is exposed with the ester fragrance. At this time, the tea aroma starts to awaken, the taste is mellow , the ester fragrance overflows the mouth, the soup feels very smooth, and the taste is slightly sweet.

7-9 bubbles: The soup color is reddish brown and bright, the scent of the fragrant and the ester is mellow, the taste is still mellow.

10-12 bubbles: Tangerine orange brown translucent, slightly stale and fragrant, the taste is not diminished, the tea taste is slightly weaker, a little more sweet taste buds, and the smooth texture is still comfortable.

13-15 bubbles: The soup is orange-red and translucent, revealing the bottom rhyme of Chen Xiang. The tea taste is gradually lighter, leaving a sweet and soft aftertaste.

More than 15 bubbles: The soup color fades and the taste fades.

The bottom of the leaf is brown, the stalk leaves are clear, and it is elastic to the touch.

Lin Qingxuan mentioned in "Xuanxiang": "If there is a large heart, a piece of tea can also cross the Taishan Mountains , the North Sea, and meet with friends from thousands of miles away. If there is a delicate feeling, a piece of tea can also run Lingtai , Break loneliness and meet with our most subtle minds. "Sheshan Yingyuan Yuanpin 7581, so that all the years that have gone through slowly emerge in Chen Xiang, with the slightest leaf, see the world and people's hearts.

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