Xinghai Wujin: Yan Xiang Gao Yang returns to Gan long

Original title: Yan Xiang Gao Yang returns to Gan Youlong | Enjoy the unique charm of Wujin

With the escalation of consumption, tea friends increasingly pay attention to the quality characteristics of tea products, such as taste and aroma. Based on this market insight, we have carefully sorted out dozens of classic products in the past, refined the classic consumer demand DNA, remodeled the classics for the majority of tea friends, and developed a "smoke fragrant and glorious back to Gangan long" product: Wujin ( Raw tea).

Naming · Meaning

Wujin (raw tea), whose name originates from the strange stone Wujin in nature, has a hard external appearance, but is gentle and delicate inside, and its natural output is scarce, which makes it a treasure in the collection of strange stones.

Named after Wujin , it means to provide tea friends with a product with unique aroma and taste.

Packaging · Temperament

Cliffs, mountains and stones are packed with ink paintings. The strong and powerful "Ukin" type font is vividly presented: Ukin (raw tea) "Hui Dangling is the best, and the mountains are small" is unique and elegant. Majestic temperament.

Double-layer cotton paper packaging brings more guarantee for good storage and transformation in the later period.

Naked Cake & Tea Fragrance

Peel off the tissue paper and pour in pleasant natural smoke. The appearance of the naked cake is round and full, full and round, with thick and tight knots, plump leaves, bright black hair, and white.

Tasting · endoplasm

Take 8g dry tea tasting. When washing tea, the soup is pale yellow and translucent, and the tea is clearly visible. Smell the bottom of the cup carefully, and the high-yellow smoke reveals a clear and high-yellow honey.

The first bubble: 5s

Gao Yang's honey fragrance and elegant tobacco incense are initially displayed, with a full-bodied flavor and rich internal texture. After drinking, the cheeks are obviously refreshed, and the palatability and coordination are excellent.

The second bubble: 5s

The soup color is golden and translucent, the aroma is high and slightly smoky, the taste is strong, the soup is full, and it has a bitter taste but immediately turns to sweet. I swallowed the tea soup in one mouthful, and instantly felt the mouth full of sweetness, which brought joy to the entire mouth.

The third bubble: 7s

The aroma is high and long-lasting, full-bodied and full-bodied, with a strong sense of soup, sufficient tea, and deep throat, especially the rapid and long-lasting rejuvenation after drinking.

Tea Friends Tasting Experience

I especially like the experience of this bubble. The tea is full of gas at the entrance. When the tea soup reaches the root of the tongue, it immediately brings back a quick return to sweetness. Especially with the clear fragrance of the soup, it feels that the aroma is completely incorporated into the tea soup, and it is swallowed with a refreshing breeze and a "moisturizing sound" comfort. This is a very suitable for careful taste , Experience tea.

4th to 6th bubbles: 8s, 10s, 15s

The richness and layering of tea soup continue to strengthen. In the fourth bubble, the aroma develops in a more stable and elegant direction, with a full-bodied flavor and delicate waterways. In the fifth bubble, the tea soup is mellow and sweet, and the soft soup quality can be felt in the sufficient tea gas, bringing rigidity and softness. The experience of blending together; in the sixth bubble, the overall coordination and palatability of the tea soup are excellent.

Tea Friends Tasting Experience

During these three bubbles, the overall style has changed significantly. Not only is the tea still full and full, but the overall delicateness and softness of the tea soup are beginning to stand out, bringing a rigid and soft experience, which is fascinating.

7-8th bubble: 20s, 25s

In the seventh bubble, the tea soup is sweet and clear, and the honey is elegant. When the tea soup is swallowed, it is filled with sweetness from the tip of the tongue to the deep throat.

In the eighth bubble, the flavor of the tea soup is still rich in substance, the mouth is sweet and silky, and the mouth is full of fragrance .

Yedi · Appreciation

The color of the bottom of the leaf is bright yellow and green, and the bud leaves are plump and even. If you gently squeeze the bottom of the leaf with your hands, the overall elasticity and softness are excellent. Smell the bottom of the leaves carefully, with a slight sweetness and coolness, to bring people a pure and dry experience.


Yan Xiang Gao Yang returns to Gan long

Sincerely invite you to participate in the Ukin (raw tea) witness and appreciation tasting

Time: December 12-16, 2019 Shenzhen International Autumn Tea Fair

Venue: Shenzhen National Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 1 National Tea House T092 Xinghai Tea

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