Jeep 2019 Jishu 727 Wild Briquettes: Good Golden Grain

Jeep No. JI cooked in 2019 is made of 727 wild gold bricks . The raw materials are from the ancient windy walled tree on the top of Yiwu . , Fortunately, a drink in the wind and falling leaves in the winter season.

The brick body is straight, the packaging is delicate and exquisite, it is packed separately in an outer carton, and wrapped with thick cotton paper. Tea tables and bookshelves are easy to place, beautiful and elegant. The package is printed with the brand name net content and tea raw material source.

Open the tissue paper, the inner ticket is also regular. From the perspective of three-dimensional observation, the bricks really have sharp edges and corners, the cords grow thick and strong, and the main colors are brownish red and dark black. Tea is golden. The aroma is lush and exuberant. After opening the package, you can smell the sweet and sweet beautiful aroma without re-stacking.

Wash the tea in hot water, and wake up. The color of the soup was red and yellow. Smell the tea base and cold cup, the aroma is pure and mellow, and it is fast and strong. Washing tea soup is free of impurities and odor. Quite satisfactory.

After the wet tea hangs for about 5 minutes.

The first bubble: sweet and mellow and smooth. Sweet, fragrant, and waxy bring a sense of comfort and satisfaction. Heap taste is weak.

The second bubble: continued the performance of the bubble, deeper and more prominent. After the sweet, sweet, smooth and comfortable happiness , the floral fragrance began to stand out. The bottom of the tongue is like a living spring. Heap odor is almost absent.

The third bubble: the soup is red and transparent, and the tea base is thick and long after absorbing and swelling with water, which has the characteristics of ancient trees. Pure color and fragrance. Floral wild rhyme continues. Yiwu tea's sweetness and stickiness are outstanding.

The fourth bubble: Shengjin returned to Gan Meng quickly. The taste is sweet and soft, refreshing and comfortable. Tea fragrance is rich and comfortable.

No. 5 bubble: Tea rhyme has a strong sense of layering and texture. The waterway is wide and delicate, the soup is glutinous, the aroma is rich and deep, and the red and transparent colors are deepened.

The sixth bubble: the soup time is longer, the soup is still plump and full, and the sweetness is outstanding. The bottom of the tongue looks like Mingquan Shengjin. Back to Gan is not obvious. The mouth is refreshing and has a certain old tea feeling.

No. 7 bubble: soft and smooth, obvious characteristics of Yiwu, transparent soup. The taste is sweet and still strong.

No. 8 bubble: sweetness and smooth taste. The soup is bright and comfortable to drink.

No. 9 bubble: The soup is bright and red, sweet and mellow. After the tea base is soaked, it can be seen intact and the bars are clear. The cold male cup hangs incense. Including the first few bubbles, the uniqueness of this cooked tea has a licorice-like aroma.

The tea base oil has good luminosity and is no different. The cables are thick, thick, clear and unbroken. Soft and plump with good elasticity. The material is old, but it tastes good.

The Jeep No. JI Jishu 727 is a golden brick in 2019. From the perspective of packaging, dry tea and brewed drinks, the color and fragrance are comfortable. The fermentation is moderate, the sweetness and glutinous texture are obvious, the mouth is smooth, and there are good levels. The red soup looks very beautiful, the tea is a little bit, quickly precipitates, and the nutrients are full. Grade 7 tea is very thick and strong, and the material is old. Another feature is that the mellow taste is very prominent, and it is resistant to foaming and bitter. The taste is delicate, the soup is soft and soft, and the tea is overflowing and the taste is rich and coordinated.

product information

Product Name: Jishu 727 Pretty BRICS

Brand: Jeep

Process: cooked tea

Specification: 250g / brick

Year: 2019

brand introduction

The story of the Jeep originated from the world's tea origin --- the deep mountains and dense forests of the Lancang River Basin in Yunnan, China.

We uphold the ultimate player spirit of young people, deeply root the tea mountain, die the ancient industry, and create the "yuan" process of cooked tea fermentation.

Our core goal is to combine the rational tea-making attitude with the player's exploration heart to create an excellent tea in the hearts of Pu'er tea enthusiasts.

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