Shenzhen Tea Expo 2019 Wonderful Finale: Dongzhuo Pavilion is Popular!

On December 12, 2019, the twelfth national exhibition of Dongzhuo Tea Industry -Shenzhen Autumn Tea Fair!

The Dongzhuo tea people, who just performed wonderful and glorious at the Guangzhou Autumn Tea Fair, once again joined hands with the Dongzhuo family to gather in Shenzhen, the frontier of reform and opening up, to witness the "Dongzhuo tea industry wonderfully".

Dongzhuo Pavilion is located in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center-Hall 1-T232.

"High-end Puer · Choose Dongzhuo" is not just a brand slogan, but a deeper understanding: Dongzhuo Tea Industry is committed to creating high-end drinks, noble collections, and high-value circulation of Pu'er tea brands. Pu'er tea lovers create high-quality, high-standard and enjoyable Pu'er tea products.

On the first day of the Shenzhen Autumn Tea Fair, Dongzhuo's heavy- duty top-grade series of cooked tea was also listed— " Banzhang Heritage · Cookies." It was a lucky encounter with this tea. It is so lucky to have such a tea. Where to say it, because this is probably the best cooked tea in history ...

Banzhang inheritance , cooked cakes, epic appreciation, invite you to come and taste! The entrance is salty and sweet, fresh, thick and smooth, which is very similar to decades of old tea! After drinking, it is clean, smooth, sweet, moist, and cool. It is filled with pure and noble form, glowing with lively and elegant rhythms. It is the most vivid and top-quality tea .

More top series Dongzhuo good tea, look forward to sharing with you!

With so many good teas, Dongzhuo Hall is of course a continuation of the exciting state of touring exhibitions throughout the country: in the hall, of course, everyone lives up to expectations-the popularity is on schedule! !! Countless tea friends at the entrance of the pavilion, trying to find a place to drink tea in the pavilion, could not help expressing the same sentiment: This pavilion is very lively, presumably the tea is quite good ...

In addition to the many Dongzhuo family members and Dongzhuo fans who came here for the Dongzhuo Pavilion, many Hong Kong compatriots made a special trip to find high-quality Pu'er tea. This is exactly the value of one sentence: "Because it's professional, so choose." Because the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area can be described as a place where Puer tea collectors crouch , tigers, tigers and dragons, countless high-end Puer tea players / collectors, and their "picky" demand for Puer tea will naturally lead them to more professional Comes in higher quality Pu'er products. Dongzhuo Pu'er Tea, here again invites tea friends from all walks of life to come and enjoy tea ! Tea people from all walks of life are also cordially invited to jointly witness the cooperation of the "cross-border / seamless" brand created by Dongzhuo Tea Industry to jointly realize the value of Dongzhuo · High-end Pu'er Tea!

In the Dongzhuo Pavilion, in addition to the continuous good tea, there are more exciting and continuous ... At the current Shenzhen Tea Fair, the Dongzhuo Pavilion also set up a "Good Tea Retail Zone" to let more tea friends not only drink it, but also buy it. To Dongzhuo Pu'er Tea, at the same time, Dongzhuo good tea "delivers" non-stop!

From December 12th to 16th, Shenzhen Autumn Tea Fair, good tea in Banzhang tea area, good tea in ancient Liushan tea area, good tea in fever level, top good tea ... all in Hall 1-T232— Dongzhuo Pavilion, waiting for your tasting!

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