On the second day of the Shenzhen Tea Fair, Hongpu won the Gold Award, a encounter between people and tea.

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Tea fair time

Time: December 12-16, 2019

Tea Fair Location

Venue: Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center

National famous teahouse booth T182

The first day of the event has ended. Although it is not a weekend, I still feel the passion of Shenzhen people to love tea. The atmosphere of the Hongpu Ancient Tea Pavilion has always been very popular. Until the closing time, many tea friends did not drink Hongpu tea.

▲ Tea friends from all over the world

01 Tea fair has a lot to learn

At this tea fair, the Humpu has gained a lot. Compared to yesterday, today is even more surprising. Hongpu won three gold medals in the Ninth International Dingcheng Tea King Competition, in the Shengpu group [ Guomen ], the cooked common group [ Jintan ], and the Citrus group [Yinpinqing].

▲ Gold product

Winning the award this time is not only an affirmation of the Hongpu brand, but also an affirmation of the high-quality tea. It can be said that from the beginning of the selection of materials and process, our products have won awards, although a little unexpected, but it is also reasonable.

▲ Our goal

Based on years of tea-making experience and advantages from the source, Hongpu Ancient Tea has traveled through various tea mountains for 10 years, hoping that tea friends can taste better ancient tree pure materials. It is also our professionalism and intentions that have won the recognition of countless tea friends.

02 Tea Expo is so "duojiao"

On December 13, the second day of the Shenzhen Tea Fair, the exhibition scene was still hot. It was learned half a year ago that the tea friends who were going to the Shenzhen Tea Expo also arrived early. The scene was not just full, except from the whole country. Tea friends from all over the world, as well as media reporters from Shenzhen, came here for interviews.

▲ Invited interview from "Shenzhen Satellite TV"

▲ A reporter from "Shenzhen Satellite TV" is interviewing the Hongpu Internet influencer-Gillian

Listening to the friends at the scene said that many tea friends had tasted our tea yesterday but still had no idea. They came to our exhibition hall today. The popularity of the exhibition site is even more popular.

All the members of Hongpu are already ready to go, waiting for tea friends from all over the country to come to Hongpu to taste drinks.

03 Tea Expo activities waiting for you to punch in

In two days, with its sincere service, enthusiastic tea service, wonderful activities and a good tea , Hongpu attracted nearly 3,000 tea friends to check in.

▲ Three new products [Guanhua], [ Shaohua ], [Miaozang]

If you miss the activities of yesterday and today, it's okay, we still have tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. As long as you come, we are here waiting for you.

Tea Expo Raiders? "Spoiler" for you in advance


new product release

Time: December 12, 14:00

Invited guests: On-site tea lovers

Activities: New Product Tasting

▲ Yesterday's event


Tea fair hit the scene

Time: December 13 14: 00-16: 00

Event content: live tea fair scene, tea fair fun facts,

Share Limited Goods

▲ Gillian Live


Tea Fight Conference

Time: December 14, 14:00

Invited guests: On-site tea lovers

Activities: Bring good tea from your home to the scene

Lao Hong is more amazing than one's tea.

We lost, you take away the jackpot!

(Note: The rules are announced on the spot !!!)


Lao Hong Private Collection

Time: December 15th from 14:00 to 16:00

Invited guests: On-site tea lovers

Activity content: Tasting Laohong's private tea collection! It ’s really not for sale

(Note: Private tea is only known on the spot)


2019 hump thanksgiving conference

Time: December 16th from 10:00 to 14:00

Invited guests: Shenzhen old tea friends

Activity content: Anyone who is an online tea lover will go to the tea fair site on the last day.

Take a photo with the staff to receive a gift with your online purchase account

The wonderful activities of Shenzhen Tea Expo in the autumn of 2019 are waiting for you, continue tomorrow!

04 Shenzhen Tea Expo, only one "you" left

If you ask me, why are we now in your vision and let everyone recognize our hump? Then I can proudly tell you that we know that it is late, but everything we have done before is to pave the way for now, because only by making tea well will we have the confidence and confidence to bring you the best Tea, show the best side to every tea friend.

The good day is coming to an end, and the recognition of the tea friends is the biggest motivation for the Hongpu. Since the tea friends in Shenzhen are too enthusiastic, the manpower at the exhibition site is limited. If there are any unthinkable places, I would also like to appreciate your understanding.

2019 Shenzhen Tea Expo

National famous teahouse booth T182

Hump hall

Looking forward to meeting everyone who loves tea!

see you tomorrow

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