Classic product Huacai blooms: 2019 Jiazhaoye · Xinghai Tea National Tour Exhibition ends in Shenzhen

On December 16, the five-day China (Shenzhen) Autumn International Tea Expo 2019 (hereinafter referred to as the 2019 Shenzhen Tea Fair) successfully closed. Jiazhaoye Xinghai Tea's 2019 heavy product [Xinghai Banzhang Arbor Ecological Tea], at the closing exhibition of this industry event, it made a brilliant appearance and won gold awards for its excellent quality, attracting many senior teas The high attention of You and Pu'er tea collectors has triggered a new round of market enthusiasm.

Classic products

In 2004, the first batch of [banzhang arbor ecological tea] was born in Xinghai Tea Factory. Because of its high quality and good post-transformation, it became a legendary story in Pu'er tea market. It has recently become the hottest product in the industry.

In 2019, Jiazhao Xinghai Tea decided to revisit the classic brand strategic plan. After many preparations and investigations in the previous period, [Banzhang Qiaomu Ecological Tea] was grandly released at this Shenzhen Tea Fair, and performed well in the professional authority review of the 9th International Tripod Tea King Competition, winning a gold medal in one fell swoop. .

2019 [Banzhang arbor ecological tea] Selected Pu'er tea famous tea mountain Banzhang spring ecological high quality wool tea as the main material, carefully researched and developed. The products are carefully selected and processed from the source materials, to the taste of the product and the wonderful presentation of the release on the market, so that tea friends can awaken the classic memory of Xinghai tea from the sense of taste, smell and vision.

Classic fragrance fragrance

In the orange and white Xinghai tea exhibition hall, the simple and bright booth tea lingers, and the cake Xinghai tea is neatly displayed, which shortens the distance between tea friends and Xinghai. In just 5 days of exhibition time, many tea friends smelled the fragrance and came to the Xinghai tea booth.

[Yunnan Ecological Jingmai Round Tea ], [ Zhenxi ], [ Ukin ], [ Jinxiu Shanhe ], [Xinghai Small BRIC ] and a series of new listed products in 2019 were favored. Everyone tasted and exchanged in front of the tea table. And the recently released [Banzhang arbor ecological tea] has gained the anger of many senior tea friends: "Well, that's the flavor", "The tea is full of flavor, you can feel it at the entrance", and listen to the scene in detail Staff introduction and watch the product carefully.

In 2019, Jiazhao Xinghai Tea quickly adjusted its strategic planning of channels, brands, products, etc., and toured through Zhengzhou, Beijing, and Guangzhou ... Finally, it ended perfectly in Shenzhen's warm winter. As a Pu'er tea company with a history of nearly 20 years in tea making, Jiazhaoye Xinghai Tea thank you all for your trust and support. Let us look forward to gathering in Shenzhen again next year to create a classic again.

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