Shenzhen Zhuodong Zhuo Glory: The annual finale exhibition, the perfect ending!

On December 12-16, 2019, Dongzhuo Tea Industry · 2019 Shenzhen Autumn Tea Fair, with a perfect bloom, announced that the annual finale trip had a perfect ending!

Dongzhuo's 12 national tour exhibitions this year,

It lasted for 50 days,

Harvest countless praises!

Similarly, this annual Shenzhen finale exhibition can be concluded with "honor", "extreme" and "glory".

The Shenzhen Tea Fair is a "noble" tasting! To the extreme! Every Dongzhuo tea in 2019, after a year of touring exhibitions, brought glory from all over, returned to the southern market and once again accepted the glory of more tea friends.

After witnessing the two autumn tea fairs in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Dongzhuo Tea Industry uses "excellent quality products, high-end positioning brands, and professional teams" to resonate with many tea friends.

At the same time, crowning this glory, this year's finale cooked tea: Banzhang heritage · cooked cake. This tea has a high honor of "probably the best cooked tea in history"! Is the ultimate vivid top tea ! Much like decades of old tea!

Noble, pure, elegant ... After drinking this cup of tea, I believe you will also lament: It is lucky to meet this tea; it is so lucky to have tea.

This is the "extreme" enjoyment ...

Glory is the result of the process ... Looking back on the process of each tour, Dongzhuo tea people think the most: how to interpret "a cup of good tea with soul and conscience" through a more comprehensive, professional, and understandable , Pass to more Pu'er tea lovers? To this end, Dongzhuo Tea People continuously innovates and advances, and countless optimization processes of "self-denial" and "value reconstruction", such as material selection, technology, refining, brewing, tasting, warehousing, market, service, marketing, etc. All the steps were put into practice and created a "high-end Pu'er ecological closed loop" to achieve a cup of unforgettable tea.

Just as the 2019 Shenzhen Autumn Tea Expo witnessed by you, there are high-end brand display systems, a complete product system in 2019, an advanced product research and development team, a professional marketing service team, and a concentric Dongzhuo service Business people, fellow Dongzhuo tea friends / Tibetan ...

This is the glory of convergence ...

The conclusion and conclusion are to better set off, to embark on a new journey better, and to tour the country next year, Dongzhuo Tears will hone their faith even better!

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