Zhongji 2019 Shenzhen Tea Fair ended successfully

Original title: Gao Peng gathers a lot of highlights

On December 16, 2019, the Shenzhen Autumn Tea Industry Fair successfully concluded at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. Thank you very much for the support and help of the leaders and experts and teachers who came to the scene for 5 days! At the same time, thank you all for the trust and support of our friends!

During the five days of the exhibition, our Zhongji booth was in a crowded city, and there was a steady stream of tea guests who came to drink tea. The seats were always in a difficult state. The ancient tree tea of Zhongji received praise from countless tea friends. Zhongjihao has prepared this tea fair carefully and has many highlights.

Highlight 1: Double new product release

On the 13th booth of the Kyrgyzstan Tea Expo, on December 13, two new teas were presented at the end of the year: Zodiac cakes— " Spirit Rats Give Blessings ", and New Year's Gifts— " Jingua Gong Tea ". Mr. Lu Caiyou, Dean of Pu'er Tea College, Yunnan South Agricultural University, Professor Shao Wanfang, Director of He Qingyuan, Tea Research Institute of Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Mr. Xu Yahe, Vice President of Yunnan Tea Distribution Association, Jinan Tea Supply and Marketing Cooperative Jinan Tea Group The general manager Liu Yong, the chief editor of "Sideline Headline", Mr. Sun Zunyun and other leaders, guests, experts and teachers supported him, and personally came to the press conference to guide and help, and unveiled the new product together with the partners, and delivered important speeches to Zhongji No.1 tea making encouragement.

Highlight two: Collective signing of partners

During the tea expo, in addition to the launch of two new high-profile teas: the Lingshu Blessing and Gourd Gong tea, what was exciting was the carefully prepared "China and Kyrgyzstan partner signing ceremony".

On December 14, Zhongji held a grand signing ceremony for partners at the booth. Many industry leaders, guests, and tea friends on site witnessed this exciting scene with us.

Mr. Yang Shihua, the chairman of Zhongji, signed a contract with seven Shandong partners from afar. The seven partners came respectively: (Shandong Jiaozhou operation service provider) and four partners in Dongying area: General Manager Guo, General Manager Song, General Manager Bo, General Manager Qi. After the signing of the contract, everyone took a group photo to save this exciting moment.

This cooperation is under the dual influence of Yunnan Pu'er Tea's unique charm and Zhongji's brand reputation, attracting more and more partners to join in, laying a solid foundation for Zhongji's layout of the northern model market and even the national market. It also added a strong for the vigorous development of Shandong tea industry!

Highlight three: The peacock fairy is beautiful and smart, and the booth becomes a check-in point

The beautiful and agile peacock fairy on the booth of Zhongji was the most beautiful scenery of the whole street as soon as it came out. Often the passers-by took photos to block the road. The booth of Zhongji became a must visit at this tea fair. Charm check in point!

The 2019 Shenzhen Tea Fair has come to a close. The fragrance of Zhongji Tea is still there . Our story has just begun. Friends who like our ancient tea in Zhongji Lake are welcome to come and enjoy it at offline stores in various cities of Zhongji Lake. Friends, meet in Shenzhen and see you next year!

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