Gaoding Ancient Tea Banzhang Five-Star Tasting Report: The highness of the stone through the clouds and the groaning

Banzhang production area full of fresh and high quality buds

After six years of accumulation

Creates a rich and long-lasting flavor

The essence of Banzhang

Let this winter sparkle

Tea tasting conditions

Weather: temperature 13 ℃

Tea maker: High-top lid bowl, Jigu electric stainless steel constant temperature electric kettle, brewing water temperature 100 ℃

Water: barreled spring water

Tea: 6.5 grams

Soaking method: Cover the bowl and brew 2 ways

The tasting process

The tea tasting process is divided into three stages:

The first stage: 1-3 bubbles

The second stage: 4-9 bubbles

The third stage: 10-15 bubbles

Before opening, warm the bowl with boiling water, put in tea leaves, and pour water along the edge of the bowl.

Looking at the dry tea, the cake shape is full of Zhengzheng. The dry tea is dark and oily, the cords are tight and the leaves are fat.

The first 1-3 bubbles: (time out of soup: 5 seconds)

① The soup color is warm and translucent, showing amber color and thick texture.

② At the beginning of opening, I feel that the mouth is full of smoke and aroma, and the tea is full, and the star quality has been reflected from the beginning.

③ The tea soup is strong, and the bitterness is quite impactful, but it instantly changes, turning into a bright Hui Gan on the tongue.

④ Hanging cup composite flower fragrance is full of scent , as if the incense with the smell of flowers is coming out of the nose, and it diffuses in the nasal cavity like a mist.

4-9 bubbles: (Time to make soup: 10-25 seconds)

① The bitterness of aggression diminishes, the performance is more peaceful, and the intensity of returning to the sweetness is even greater, and a large area of hydration occurs at the bottom of the tongue and cheeks.

② The openness of the waterway appears, and the taste is full and mellow . The taste of tea fills the entire mouth as soon as it is imported, and the thick tea soup taste has become various levels.

③ Mountain wild air is condensed, and overbearing tea air directly pounds the chest, and the body begins to feel warm currents, as if the pores are breathing the gentle sunshine and immersed in a comfortable and pleasant state .

④ The throat rhyme is steady and profound, sweet and moist, and the fresh fruity aroma is revealed.

⑤ The taste is high. After ingesting the tea soup, the mouth is still full of sweetness and sweetness, which explains the rich taste and rich flavor of the ancient tree tea.

Nos. 10-15: (45 seconds to 1 minute)

① The tea flavor and the thickness of the tea soup slightly diminish, and the soup color is golden and clear .

② The bitterness has faded. The sweet taste like syrup has become the mainstream of tea, and the tail stage is basically sweet.

③ The taste is mellow, sweet and sweet, and the tip of the tongue and the throat are full of sweetness and longness.

④ Shengjin is long and long, flowing like a mountain spring in the tongue.

Arbor fragrance is refreshing and refreshing, just like the grass and moist forest with dew drops in the spring day, and the aftertaste is constantly reflected in the interlayer.

Banzhang five-star tea is overbearing and strong, with strong physical sensation, and the cup is fragrant and long-lasting. The rich flavor and thick tea soup highlight its excellent raw material quality and production skills. The subsequent transformation is worth looking forward to.

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